Chicago Man Creates New Graphic Novel: “Loaded Bible: Jesus vs. the Vampires”

From Rudy to Bozo to Jesus- it’s been an interesting morning so far.

From an interview with the author, Chicagoan Tim Seeley…the comic is slated for release just in time for Easter…

” ‘Bible’ is actually this sort of epic science fiction story (believe it or not!), with more in common with stories like ‘Blade Runner’ and ‘I Am Legend.’ No seriously. But, being me, I also wrote in a fair amount of silly, bad-ass Jesus one-liners. I mean, I’m just not that strong. I had to.” ”

“Loaded Bible” is set in the near future in a dark, dystopian world. “After 9/11, Americans become more insular, more routed in Christian faith, to the point where church and state become inseparable. Then, one day, we find out that vampires exist. And from there, everything goes to hell,” Seeley explained. “Bible takes place in the aftermath of a nuclear war with the Vampire Nation. The last outpost of humanity is a giant theocratic church-state called New Vatican City. Vampires are everywhere, most of them starving due to a lack of human prey. They’re getting desperate. And then, our boy Jesus comes along.”

Some people might wonder what kind of special skills the Jewish carpenter possesses to aid him in his crusade against the vile, blood sucking hordes. “Well, he’s Jesus. I mean, just the image of a cross fucks with vampires,” Seeley stated. “Imagine what the actual guy who hung from it can do. Three words….holy water spit.”

There are a couple more panels for your viewing pleasure and you can read the entire interview here, and while you’re at it, read the review in Christian Today.

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