Folks Don’t Like To Vote, But They Sure Likey Some TV: This Is The “24” Open Thread


Don’t miss the new “24- The Game,” featuring “The Interrogation Game.” Seriously, they give you instructions like “You must alternately hit the UP DOWN UP DOWN arrow keys to get Jack to ask the right questions. If you press UP DOWN UP DOWN quickly then Jack asks tough questions to increase the level of stress.”

And I suppose if you hit LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT Jack removes an eyeball with his pocket knife.

Now, on to last night’s episode…

Is Tony really dead? Didn’t Jack fake his own death using a syringe filled with an unnamed drug?

And what is it with female spies? Are they ALL ridiculously hott? Is this “24” or “Charlie’s Angels?” Could Audrey Raines really be a double agent? 68% of voters on the “24” website say “no.”

Wouldn’t Logan have been better off if he’s said to the people of Los Angeles: “The assassination of President Palmer, the attack on the airport and the attack on the mall are all related terrorist events. The terrorists are operating within our borders. We need all of our military and law enforcement resources working this problem. Therefore, rather than impose martial law and enforce it with the military I am asking you, the citizens of Los Angeles, to stay in your homes for the duration. We don’t have enough National Guardsmen to force you to stay in your homes AND deal with the terrorist threat, so I am asking you to voluntarily cooperate with this request.” But then I suppose we wouldn’t have the Vice President-as-manipulating-scumbag subplot, now would we?

So, who is behind the attempted hit on Wayne Palmer? The only people that knew about his visit were Aaron, the Secret Service guy, and the Vice President. Why just shoot out the tire when you have a van full of commandos? Perhaps Wayne was meant to be harmed but not killed?

I saw a movie once where the whole plot revolved around a stolen NOC (“non-official cover”) list (known as the “wet list” on “24”). I seem to recall that the movie, and the TV series it was based on, always used these funny little devices that would start smoking and burning after the message was played. “This message will self-destruct in 3..2..1…” Now what was that movie called…?

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