Put down that tall, double-shot, skim, no whip macchiatto, please

tsktsk.gifFinally, the north suburbs bring us the best thing since John Hughes – from the Trib…

Attention, Winnetka drivers: Put down your cell phone, iPod, drink and shaver

Winnetka could be the first to outlaw distracted driving and I, for one, think it’s a pretty good idea. Granted, ‘distracted driving’ is pretty vague so I certainly hope that they will define what constitues a distraction in the proposal. I don’t enough appendages to count how many times some bonehead has almost killed me, someone with me, or my dog because they yapping away on the phone, eating a sub, drinking a coffee, cuddling their kitten… you name it. I’ll even gladly admin that the only accident I have ever gotten into was completely my fault because I was fucking around with the cassette player (CASSETTE PLAYER!!!).

Related, MSN MOney has a list of the top 10 dangerous foods to consume while driving, replete with totally inane reasons as to why they are dangerous.

We previously covered people being complete and total idiots while driving distracted here and here.

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  1. pk (unregistered) on March 22nd, 2006 @ 12:21 pm

    the only good ever to come my way from someone multitasking: i got rear-ended in seven-mile-an-hour traffic by some jaggoff wearing a blue-rep-suit-and-red-tie combo in his silver 325i (seriously, why bother?). he was a walking stereotype. i chewed him so out. felt good.

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