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After Party Art Party on Friday




Guy sits at Denny’s working on his laptop. Some burly football dudes come over and start calling him a nerd, then proceed to beat the shit out of him.


Something straight out of high school? You would think, but no. This absolutely asshatted display of juvenile testosterone was brought to you by Ricky Manning, who just inked a deal with the Bears. What an asshole.

Think he’s an asshole too? Join the Ricky Manning Sucks photoshopping contest.

Art Chicago Update – Now at the Merchandise Mart


As an update to the post made yesterday regarding the pending fate of Art Chicago, I received some emails from participating galleries that the show is indeed going on. Art Chicago will now be at the Merchandise Mart and will be opening on time – preview is on Thursday night and opens to the public on Friday at 11am. Also at the Mart will be the Antique Fair.


Another update: Iconoduel breaks things down.


If you haven’t got tix yet, the price is going up for Lollapalooza real soon, so get on it. From $130 to $140, which really means around $170 when they tack all the charges on. I won’t remind you how I got lucky and bought the cheap tix first time around. It will only make you mad.

Just a reminder: Sonic Youth, The Flaming Lips, Sleater-Kinney, Kanye West, Wilco, Built to Spill, Death Cab For Cutie, Queens of the Stone Age, The Secret Machines, Wolfmother, Common…

Rest In Peace

Following up on the Phelps nutballs, the Illinois House has voted unanimously to approve a ban on funeral protesters, keeping them 200 feet away from services before, during and after. Sounds like a good move. I still wouldn’t mind seeing them jumping off the bridge into the water after the Bluesmobile charges towards them. But this should work too.

Library Etiquette

What is the problem? You can’t turn your cellphone off when you go to the library? Un-friggin-believable! This guy keeps getting calls and he has an obnoxious loud ringtone and he keeps answering them, right here in the Logan Square library! Isn’t there a bespectacled old lady who is supposed to do something about this?

Love the free WiFi though…

Sarah Cromarty & Amy Mayfield @ Bucket Rider


As I mentioned briefly in a previous post, I will be in Chicago this weekend for the briefest of brief visits to support one of my artists in her first Chicago exhibition. Back in the land from where I come from (LA), I write the art blog abLA so you can probably guess that my guest-blogging appearances on the Chicago Metblogs will most deal with art (galleries and a long-needed trip to the Art Institute) peppered with what I do best in Chicago – eat at Thai Village and drink my silly little head off.

But, the reason for me being in Chicago is to attend Sarah Cromarty’s opening reception for a two-person exhibiton she is sharing with Chicago-based artist Amy Mayfield at Bucket Rider Gallery. Sarah is a young artist whose work is evolving every time she creates a new piece of art – it’s incredible to watch and I’m proud to be a part of it. Her work involves defacement and recreation to make, what I like to call, sculptural paintings. She takes found vintage prints and attaches them to wood – she then sets out to carve out, with a chisel, aspects of the piece; she adds painting elements and other materials such as resin, glitter, flowers, fake jewels, and, recently, feathers. Her pieces are at the edge of being smart and kitschy without crossing over into the latter.

There’s a few other really great openings that night in the same neighborhood (even in the same building) which I will highlight later on this week.

Sarah Cromarty and Amy Mayfield
Reception: Friday, April 28 from 6-9pm/continues through June 3
@ Bucket Rider Gallery :: 119 N. Peoria, #3D

Tori’s new spring look

Mask the Musical starring Tori Spelling.



Originally uploaded by officergleason.

Graffiti, street art, call it what you will, I’ve always been of two minds about it. Seeing so street art over in Cork has made me miss, however, the graffiti/art back home.

Anyone else have a favorite bit of graffiti I should check out when I get home?

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The Fate of Art Chicago


Greetings from Los Angeles! I’m leaving my fair city to be in what was once my fair city because one of the artists at my gallery, Sarah Cromarty, is having an opening at Bucket Rider this weekend. More on that and all the other Chicago-related fun I plan to have later…there is shocking news to report first!

As Jason mentioned today, The Chicago Tribune also reported today that Art Chicago, once the art fair in the United States, may actually not be happening as scheduled this week. Only two days before it was supposed to open, production has shut down and the folks at Thomas Blackman and Associates are very quiet. But most shockingly is that galleries who are participating in the fair are just finding this out along with the rest of the art world. Not…good.

Art dealers from Chicago and elsewhere were awaiting word on whether the show would be delayed or relocated, with some mentioning the possibility of a hasty retreat to Navy Pier. Trucks rolled into the park’s Butler Field on Tuesday to unload artworks from galleries, but found just a large white tent, with no walls constructed and dirt for a floor. No workers were evident, and there were reports of union picketing during the prior week. Gregory Martin had arrived by panel truck from San Francisco, carrying artworks from three galleries. He said he heard the show might be relocated but he was not told where.

Will Art Chicago go back to Navy Pier or will it be postponed (i.e. doomed)? For a fair and a city who are teetering on the edge of not mattering since the Armory and Art Basel Miami Beach came around, this might be the that straw that breaks the camel’s back.

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