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Shut your trap

shutup.jpgSheer genius.

Phone booths are getting a makeover – a “trendy Chicago restaurant” has been using a phone booth as a cage privacy tent for loudmouthed people with no manners that don’t realize how incredibly rude it is to answer your phone while eating. I don’t know about you, but my mom always told me not to talk while eating, much less whip out my phone, talk, and talk loudly enough to disturb all the other diners around me.

The CBS article doesn’t mention the restaurant that has said booth, but a quick google search of the listed owners leads me to believe you can find this lovely piece of equipment at Boka. Can anyone confirm?

Dorkin’ it up, CPD style…

Looks like the CPD is spending $500k to add a bunch of Segways to their inventory. Now they’ll be able to run down perps even faster. Cower in fear, criminal element! The CPD have scooters and they know how to use them!

“Undiscovered Chicago”

Carl’s Red Hots

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The observant will notice that this is the third time I’ve mentioned Carl’s Red Hots on this here blog. This repetition does have a purpose: I want to start another round of talks on “Undiscovered” Chicago*.

This all stems from a magazine I flipped through this memorial day weekend. I spent this Memorial Day Weekend in Portland at wedding for two close college friends. In between the festivities, I read through a magazine that touted “50 Things Every Portlander Must See!” I think this magazine came from a hotel…but I can’t remember every detail from this weekend. However, the point of the article remains: what are some of the sights that you think all Chicagoans should see?

Pick #1 for me is still Carl’s Red Hots, on 83rd and Jeffery. The best, and some of the cheapest, hot dogs in town.

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Welcome Hyderabad

Blinking Hyderabad

Welcome to the 47th Metroblogging City (well, 46 if you only count places in the real world) and 4th in India, Hyderabad.

50 Free “Freakonomics” for District 214 Students

Students of district 214 rejoice – Freakonomics was not banned from your reading list. Apparently there was quite a crowd in attendance to debate the which books to ban, but after all thatthe reading list was approved this morning, with only one person voting against the inclusion of Freakonomics.

If you’re a student in district 214, head over to the Freakonomics blog and get your free copy by emailing your name and address to The first 50 people get a freebie.

Cubs v. Sox – in caricature

Those crazy kids over at Leo Burnett have whipped up illustrations of the typical Cubs & Sox fan. HIGH-larious. Although, seriously, what is it with the stacking of beer cups? Is that supposed to be impressive? Because I think it makes you looks like a slob.

Denny Hastert Under Investigation?


On Wednesday, the FBI raided Hastert’s boyhood home, seen above.

ABC News’ Brian Ross is reporting that Denny Hastert is under investigation in connection with the ever-widening Jack Abramoff scandal. How’s that ethics reform comin’ now, Denny?

This is particularly interesting given Hastert’s strong opposition to the FBI raid on the offices of Rep. William Jefferson, who allegedly took a $100K bribe and hid the remaining $90K in his freezer.

Why would Hastert, Speaker of the House and a Republican, give political cover to a disgraced Democrat? Well, maybe because Denny himself senses that the FBI may come a’ knockin’ on his door sometime very soon. Nah, that couldn’t be it- I’m sure this is just one big coincidence. (For my take on what the Jefferson scandal tells us about both the Republican and Democrat parties, go here).


Seriously, this picture says it all.

Photogal and I are DJing at Liar’s Club tonight and we would love it if you would join us. We start EARLY, at 8pm, because Time Out Chicago is hosting an event where they’ll be taste-testing Holy Grail Ale and giving away tickets to Monty Python’s Spamalot. Awesome, huh? Full deets are:

Thursday May 25
Liar’s Club

DJ Tankboy
DJ Cowbell

Beer, bourbon and mayhem.
We promise.

8pm until 2am
Get yer drink on and kick off the loooong weekend a day early.

Dear readers….

I hope each and every one of you have a great holiday weekend! Be safe, have fun and make it home in one piece.

I’ll be heading downstate tomorrow and will be in Carbondale tomorrow night. Can anyone recommend good bars, clubs, lounges and/or taverns? Basically, where can a guy go and find some fun and perhaps some trouble on a Friday night in Carbondale?

Thanking you in advance…

Trib pulls a Sun-Times Thing

Chicago Tribune 5/25/2006

Oh crap, are we at war with Ancient Egypt now, too?

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