Soul Vegetarian is the Bomb!


Soul Vegetarian has always been one of those places everyone else around me has raved about and, despite being vegan for many years and having lived in Chicago for three years, I never paid a visit. Soul Veg is a soul food all vegan restaurant owned and operate by the Black Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem. It has also been the talk of all the vegan punk rock kids I’ve ever known. So I was glad to accept my friend Leslie Baum’s invitation to lunch while I was in town.

On Sunday we made the trek down to the south side of Chicago (which from an LA perspective is not that far) through the rain and on Lake Shore Drive since the Dan Ryan is under construction. When we got to the restaurant we realized that despite being there at noon, we were still too early for lunch but just in time for some delicious breakfast. I can’t remember exactly the name of my dish but it contained southern-style treats just like mom used to make: two bisquits, sausage patties (a mix of falafel and fake sausage), delicious grits, scambled tofu, and fresh apple juice.
142854122_0c05cd6706_m.jpgThe people who run Soul Veg were the sweetest – letting us know our food would be late to make fresh tofu (!!) and even giving us a discount because we waited so long for our food. Honestly, it was more than worth the wait (and the price – at $6 it just can’t be beat) and it made for a relaxing Sunday brunch. I tipped generously and cannot wait to return on my next visit for that BBQ sandwhich I’ve heard so much about.

Soul Vegetarian: 203 E 75th Street – (773) 224.0104

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  1. David Eads (unregistered) on May 8th, 2006 @ 6:52 pm

    Here’s a tip if you’re wandering around 75th street, sated by the (usually, I’ve been there on an off day a couple of times) excellent food at Soul Veg…the real gem of the area are Tuesday nights at The New Apartment Lounge at 504 E. 75th. Von Freeman, who looks about sixty but is actually about 80, plays about 10 straight hours of insanely awesome hard bop, in a super friendly atmosphere.

    None of the Green Mill “jazz is sacred even though we’re just playing the same shit they played in the 50s so you better not blink you unappreciative neophytes” crap, nor the ridiculuous cover.

    Definitely a place where a musical form that’s always in danger of being whittled down to a set of cliches suddenly regains its beauty, intensity, and human relevance.

  2. EJ (unregistered) on May 9th, 2006 @ 9:49 am

    Awesome post, Caryn and great comment, david. Thanks for the info. As a lover of chicago food and little undiscovered jems this is what I always HOPE to find on this blog. Thanks!

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