West Loop Openings


My first night in Chicago was spent at the openings of the West Loop galleries. Though it seemed like the excitement of the art fairs in Chicago is now a thing of the past, the energy and buzz at the openings still harkened back to the time when the city buzzed like Miami Beach in December. I saw numerous curators, collectors, artists, and writers out and about checking out the new exhibitions…and the work was good.

I arrived at Bucket Rider about thirty minutes later than I had hoped but got there when it started to get good. As I mentioned before, I was in town for Sarah Cromarty’s show at Bucket Rider with Amy Mayfield. Though both artists are stylistically quite different, their work works well together – both seem to incorporate sculptural elements into paintings. I snuck out after a little while with MCA curator Julie Rodrigues-Widholm to see D’nell Larson and Don Doe at Bodybuilder and Sportsman. New York artist Don Doe’s work has developed a lot since I first saw it – his curvy women are depicted with very odd/uncomfortable gestures. It’s a bit kitschy but done smart – the women are hot and the painting is right on. D’nell Larson’s first video piece surprisingly gave me more insight into her work that I thought. The video shows her parents, wedding singers, performing five songs of Larsn’s choosing such as the Cure’s “Love Song.” D’nell’s work always deals with relationships and love – this glimpse she provided into her familial life enhances my interest in her interest in what she’s exploring. Plus, her mom is a wicked singer. My last stop was Gabert Farrar at monique meloche gallery. The vibe was 80s and the paintings were vibrantly strong. Gabe is also one of the nicest artists in Chicago!

We then by hopped into a cab (the scaries cab ride I’ve ever experienced) to Tecalitlan for margaritas and tacos and then ended the evening with a pseudo art party at a club I can’t even remember the name. Typical of me in Chicago.

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