Make Your Friday Night “Awesome!”

He sure looks like ‘baby daddy’ material to me…

Sure, you could spend your Friday night eating cheese, getting pissed on, or going to some high-brow art show, or, for a unique combination of all three (I’m not saying how these things will be combined), you can witness the CD release and live show of Chicago’s very own “Awesome Gary!”

Who (or what) is “Awesome Gary?” let’s go their MySpace page for the romance copy:

“Awesome Gary was once described as,” a friendly poker game between Elvis Costello, Ryan Adams, Tom Waits, and The Rolling Stones with Jay Farrar making drinks.”

However, it seems our poker game has gone awry. Somebody invited Jeff Tweedy, which understandably pissed off Jay Farrar, so he tipped over the drink table. Ryan Adams wept over the broken bottles, then threw a hissy fit and broke his glass, and then stormed off. Elvis Costello called our earnest songwriters from Belleville “American Amateurs”, which made Keith Richards laugh so hard he broke three ribs and an ambulance had to be called. Tom Waits muttered under his breath that Costello might be right about the amateurs part, but at least they weren’t doing any goofy “Napoleon Dynamite” crap, to which E.C. took a girlish swing at Waits, who then brandished a piece and shot Mr. Costello. Then he tipped his cap and walked out of the room whistling “Stagger Lee”. Jeff Tweedy got a headache and threw up, and Jay Farrar wrote a song about it called “The Long Heave”.


We’re starting a new poker game; we’ve invited My Morning Jacket, The Hold Steady, Kathleen Edwards, and Fugazi, along with inviting Tom Waits back, since we’re clearly not only fans but kind of afraid. Axl Rose agreed to bartend this one, although if he cancels we think Derek from Derek and the Dominoes can fill in. Check it out sometime, and stay Awesome.”

I’m sold.

The details:
Awesome Gary CD Release Show
Underground Lounge
Sheffield, Clark & Newport, IL
Friday, May 12, 9:00pm

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