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Not THAT Alana Waters.


I did not like my name growing up. My brother Christopher always got the cool personalized mugs and bike license plates. If I was lucky, I found one in “Sharon”, my first name, but not the one I went by. Over the years I have grown into my name and even enjoy the fact that it’s so uncommon. So imagine my surprise when my boyfriend, obviously bored out of his Googling mind at work one day, called to exclaim “There’s a whore with your name on the Internet and she works in Chicago!!!”


So lest anyone get confused, I have not turned to a life of tricks. I’m still an underpaid web-designer-slash-photographer who no one would ever pay for sex.

3 Penny Cinema Closed

The 3 Penny Cinema has been shut down… apparently, they weren’t able to keep up with the Chicago “amusement tax”. You see, nothing in Chicago is tax free. Nothing.

I am really sad to see the 3 Penny go. Yes, it was a dump. But it was a charming dump, *our* dump. It was the kind of unique place that makes cities like Chicago great.

Intonation in pictures and words

I was too busy being sick this weekend to get over to the Intonation Music Fest, but everybody else in town went:

Chicagoist: Intonation Music Festival 2006 in Pictures – Day One, Day Two

The Cobrasnake: Intone Nation, Gone With the Wind, Chicago Vice Sox, Beach Party

Greg Kot, Chicago Tribune: Stepping into the sun

Jessica Hopper: GREAT, OUTDOORS

One million MySpace blog posts about the fest.

OK, that was an exaggeration, but seriously 4000+ photos of the fest on Flickr.


Apparently Chicago’s new Pink Line is throwing people for a loop. Different stops and a different route caused lots of confusion. Folks are having trouble getting good information on where they should make their connections despite the CTA posting personnel at the various stops to help them on their way.

The Pink Line connects 54th Street in Cicero and the Loop. For more info on the Pink Line, check out the Wikipedia entry.

I pooted

Photo by Michael(tm)
Photo by Michael™ in Cleveland

Driving out to the suburbs this weekend I saw a billboard that said, simply enough, “I pooted.” Thank goodness the folks at Nashville is Talking are on the case and let me know that it’s a Cartoon Network ad (Cheese on Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends says it.)

Tim at Mother Tongue Annoyances gives us the whole etymology of “poot”.

Sam at the Nashville Metroblog wonders who really was saying that.

Do we have these other billboards?

Look, I have a meat beard.
Pretty pretty. shiny shiny.
Clowns hate tangelos.
I’m a hot toe picker.
My boogers itch.
The hat sells the sandwich.

Anyway, poot. Poot. Poot. Ha ha ha! Poot.

Vice Guide to Chicago

Go download your Vice Guide to Chicago (or pick one up in local stores) and know that Vice .


Has anyone noticed that cabs have started honking at people in crosswalks? This whole thing about OBEY YOUR WALK SIGNAL to give the traffic waiting to turn right some relief. I would like traffic in general to be more efficient, but it’s just crazy (and ironic) that cabs, which for the most part drive like they’re in a video game, should get pissed off at pedestrians for crossing the street. Also, the Traffic Management Authority workers, also known as crossing guards, have started SCREAMING at people about this. I was crossing and TMA worker started screaming with a poor tone: “Watch your signal!” So I did. It said walk. Not even flashing. And she was MAD. Is this better? I mean, is this behavior the result of some solved problem?

Sun-Times Thing

Sun-Times 6/6/20

(From a couple of days ago — I’ve been busy.)

Maybe that list is a little inflated, since 100 of them seem to be rusty, head-less statues. But hey, they’re registered to vote.

Terrible photos from a nice night


Hey Fuzzy, it’d be great if you went to the Chicago Metroblog 2nd Birthday party and took a bunch of pictures with your crappiest camera where you surprise everyone so they all have their eyes closed or massive red-eye or something.

Umm… OK.

The Matt Hoffer Entry

Matt Hoffer:

– Very talented band. Nice songs…nice voice.
– Live at Double Door TONIGHT for mobfest.
– AND BOOM…July 5. Contestant (is it contestant? as opposed to competitor? I guess so) on Rock Star: Supernova on the CBS.

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