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Hot town, summer in the city…


Looks cool, eh?

Let’s Make A Deal

Maybe you care and maybe you don’t but Chicago Cub pitching legend Greg Maddux was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers today for a little known infielder.

Is there a trade you’d like to make with another city? Would you trade David Schwimmer for another actor or actress? Would you trade the Sears Tower for another building? Would you trade the Smashing Pumpkins for another band? I think I know the answer to the last one.

Sweat, dirt, and rock & roll.

I just came home from the end of the Pitchfork Music Festival, thoroughly tired, covered in dirt, and slightly burnt.

Despite the ridiculously hot weather, it was amazing to see how many people turned out for the event. It never fails to amaze me how many parents will bring their young kids to music festivals like that–I’m sure that if I have kids, I’ll want to get them started on a healthy diet of indie rock quite early too.

I don’t have any particularly remarkable stories from the weekend, but I do think that the sort of music scene that Chicago has really lends itself well to this particular festival. Aside from that, the bottled water was only a buck and there were no Marine recruiters, unlike some other large festivals I can think of … The people who run this festival could totally rip the atendees off, but they don’t. It seems like simple ethics, but it’s becoming increasingly rare. Good work, Pitchfork.

Frankly, I’m just really interested in hearing everybody’s thoughts on the Pitchfork Fest … comment away!

Polaroid lake



Remember earlier this week when the Trib ran a piece on the life of an iPod? I remember being quite surprised when a spokesperson for Apple admitted that the life of an iPod is about 4 years. Doesn’t quite seem like something a company would be happy to say about a product that can easily set you back a couple hundo.

Turns out, the Trib misquoted the Apple rep as saying “four years” when she actually said “for years”.

Oh, the difference a vowel can make.

Quelle horreur!

Just in case you’re not into all the music events going on this weekend, or the book fair, or Venetian Night, there’s another event out there that might be up your sinister dark alley: Flashback Weekend Horror Convention and Drive In out in Rosemont starts tonight and lasts through Sunday. The celebrity line up includes such notables as “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, Adrienne Barbeau, Erin Brown (aka Misty Mundae), Courtney Gains of Children of the Corn, a host of folks from House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects, and Chicago’s own Svengoolie. Events include photo ops, memorabilia sales, films, art shows, question and answer sessions, prize giveaways, and a costume contest – everything your black little heart might desire.

?uestlove at Four This Sunday Night!

View image

More hip-hop for a weekend already runneth over with music!

If Pitchfork just isn’t your thing, there are other options this weekend, from the aforementioned Rhyme Spitters on Saturday afternoon/night to a DJ set by ?uestlove at Four on Sunday.


Rhyme Spitters 3!!!


This is the real deal- all are welcome, but few will be left standing at the end of the day.

Check out the action in Wicker Park (the actual park itself) and then catch the final battle at Double Door.

Not to be missed!

Indie Rock Heaven

It won’t be hard to find articles and previews galore surrounding this weekend’s Pitchfork Music Festival. Just open a newspaper, or click the link of your favorite blog or webzine. It will however be hard to find a ticket. According to the website both days are now sold out! And rightfully so. I’ve seen my fair share of music in my time but never have I seen a single Indie Rock lineup in one place such as this. Have you?

41 artists on three stages over two days and I couldn’t tell you which ones to miss. Hopefully every act brings their best. Here are several that I find most interesting:

The Futureheads They will blow you away with their super-tight style of play and harmonizing lyrics.

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