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Man, I remember 5821 North Winthrop back before they sold out. They used to be so cool. You know they opened for us one time at the Hideout? Now they’re all MTV2 and car commercials. I saw the bass player over in the crotch the other day and he wouldn’t even meet my eye. Whatever, I don’t listen to their stuff these days, anyway. I’ve been getting into 1322 West Elmdale… you heard their latest?

More music fest action

Man, this summer’s music schedule is exhausting. I’ve personally never been a fan of summertime music fests after overheating at Lollapalooza 11 years ago (1995 was a bad year to be outdoors), but I will be at the Pitchfork Music Festival this weekend for DEPART-ment.

For those not in the know, DEPART-ment will have a tent on the tennis courts providing some respite from the heat and a chance to shop. Come check out handmade goodies from people all over Chicago and beyond. I’ll be volunteering there on Sunday night (just in time to check out Spoon for free!!), so swing by and say hi.

Baby crib vs. Parent’s bed

The Chicago Tribune reported yesterday that a Park Ridge baby suffocated accidentally while sleeping with his mother, which comes just days after I stumbled upon this essay in Slate Magazine, which argues (I think persuasively) that an infant sleeping in its parents’ bed is oh-so natural. Of course, it’s hard to have an informed opinion when I don’t know one person that wasn’t put to bed in a crib as a baby.

Chicago Bids Adieu to Foie Gras Party

Photo by The Chopping BlockMaybe it’s my meager salary or my general squeamishness when it comes to meat (especially squishy inner organ-y parts of the animal) but not once have I tasted foie gras. My time to taste it, in Chicago at least, is running out and this Friday, July 28, Lee Anne Wong, a former contestant on Top Chef, is coming to Chicago for the Chicago Bids Adieu to Foie Gras Party at The Chopping Block.

I must admit I’m curious about the fancy pants cooking lesson (foie gras french toast with vanilla bourbon bacon and a fried quail egg, anyone?) and checking out the foie gras foodies but the real lure, for me, would be the chance to chat with Ms. Wong, my personal favorite on the show.

I know a few restaurants in Chicago are hosting foie gras blow outs before the ban. Anyone planning on attending? Sad to see foie gras go? Think the ban is a silly waste of energy better used elsewhere?

Big Box gets Big Win

Chicago alderman have passed the super controversial Big Box ordinance this afternoon.

Any bets on how quickly Wal-Mart stops construction on the west side?

Panic on the streets of Chicago…


What: Panic – indie/britpop/new wave/classic alt./sleaze – DJs Pogo and Arturo
When: June 28, 2006, 9 p.m. – 2 a.m. (and every last Friday of the month)
Where: darkroom
Cost: No cover

Once upon a time in the late 90s, in the far away land of our nation’s capital, young Pogo had a dream. His dream was to bring together brit pop, brit rock, retro and indie music lovers together for nights of dancing and drinking to the music they loved, but weren’t hearing elsewhere. He met up with a couple of other people who shared his vision, and the first incarnation of Panic was born at a now-defunct D.C. club called Metro. What started as a monthly night of music and mischief turned into a weekly community of like-minded music lovers, with core regulars attending and discussing the night and the music online.

Fast forward to May of 2003: Pogo moved to our own fair city, and was determined to bring Panic to the denizens of Chicago. What started out as a somewhat poorly attended (though well DJed) weekly event at Smartbar on Wednesday nights has now turned into a throw down at darkroom on the last Friday of each month, with more music lovers showing up at every event (I’ve been to almost all of them myself). In a town like Chicago, where music is appreciated and supported, and local talent abounds, Panic is finally finding its niche, and is on its way to building a community of music appreciators.

Yeah, I Can Win This Shit


Since we’re on the topic of white jackets (see the last link in my previous post) it’s only appropriate that as soon as I posted, this e-mail came through from CANS.

Seriously, what better way to increase Chicago’s ranking in the list of the hottest cities for singles than by encouraging all area men to dress as Don Johnson? Scoff you may, but I would consider it an improvement over the Abercrombie clones one witnesses on any given night out in the city.

Any aspiring Tubbses out there? Oh, and does anyone have a pump shotgun without a stock that I could borrow?

UPDATE: Best U.S. Cities for Singles (according to that bastion of the playboy lifestyle, Forbes magazine)

One of Columbus’ finest.

Chicago falls from 9th place to 22nd (!) in the Forbes rankings.

PEOPLE, something is very wrong with our fair city when COLUMBUS, OHIO bests CHICAGO!

MILWAUKEE beat Chicago! Fucking Milwaukee!

Providence beat Chicago. I think it’s in Rhode Island. You know, that state they’re always comparing stuff to: “In other news, a wildfire the size of Rhode Island engulfed hundreds of acres on forestland…”

At least Chicago beat out Salt Lake City, Indianapolis and Detroit. But that’s not sayin’ much.

Now, Denver/Boulder, I can buy them coming in first. There some fine ladies out there, and some rugged gentlemen. I’m sure this will only increase my little sister’s lobbying for me to move out to Colorado with her. My friends in SF have already weighed in, pointing out that Chicago was also bested by the Bay Area. I had to remind them that I am in search of heterosexual dating partners, not an alternative lifestyle. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

The question remains: how to reclaim our position amongst the nation’s hottest cities for singles?

You already know my prescription.

Cross-posted to my friends call me nikkos.

Lolla after parties

Yes, it’s over a week away, but it’s not too early to plan your Lollapalooza after parties. It will be possible to drink continuously for several days:

Thursday, Aug 3 at Crobar: The Kill Hannah Record Release Party with Kill Hannah (live), Figo, Tommie Sunshine, Mark Gertz, Trancid, Chris Holmes, Steve Aoki, more. Text “crobar” to 33992 for a free pass +1 (first come, first serve, and space is limited, so big ass line and you might not get in. great!)

Friday Aug 4 at Sonotheque: Dark Wave Disco with LADY SOVEREIGN, Trancid, Mark Gertz, Greg Corner

Friday Aug 4 at Darkroom: The Secret Machines with Walking Bicycles and The Life During Wartime DJs

Sat Aug 5 at Sonotheque: Dark Wave Disco with Carlos D, Trancid, Mark Gertz, Greg Corner

Sun Aug 6 at Funk (5 w division): Assassins Lollapalooza Afterparty Aaron Miller of Assassins, DJ Qbot & DJ Kamar

“The oldest books are still only just out to those who have not read them.”*

Now’s when I show my ultimate dorkiness. One of my favorite events of the summer happens this weekend. Is it a music festival? A sporting event? Some sort of fabulous boating adventure?

Nope. It’s a book sale. The 22nd Annual Newberry Library Book Fair, to be exact, which is going on this weekend along with the annual Bughouse Square Debates. I went to the book sale last year and found all sorts of books on every topic imaginable: history, photography, art, literature, children’s, drama, poetry, biography, fiction, cooking, travel, language. Everything from mass paperback romance novels to old hardcovers that were practically falling apart to lurid pulp novels. My favorite part was the collector’s section, where they had so many old, out of print books, especially old children’s books. I found one that I’d been looking for over the years, only to open the cover and see that it cost $300! Oops, couldn’t buy that one. Another children’s book I picked up to look at was $2000!! I put that down right away in case I somehow wrecked it and had to buy it just by touching it or breathing near it. Another thing that was fascinating to explore were the inscriptions in the books. Many had names and dates inscribed inside the front cover, and many had messages of the “I hope this book gives you many hours of enjoyment, Love, Aunt Maud” ilk. It was like finding an old diary to open a dusty book and see a stranger’s affection inscribed there.

The Bughouse Square Debates, which go along with the Book Fair, are a celebration of free speech and soapbox oration, and a chance to speak out and heckle other speakers on just about any topic of the day.

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