The Family

ADA lobby

The ADA is renovating their lobby and so this is my view of The Family each day on my way to work. The Family is a sculpture that I’ve always called “the scary bat people” (Roderick took a picture of the sculpture for a Metroblog contest last year).

I hate that sculpture.

But I’ve discovered, now that it’s no longer visible, that I’ve grown to love hating it. Maybe, I begin to wonder, it was just that cavern of a plaza that made it so frightening, that better lit it might be a delightful piece.

And, I’ve come to find out that the artist, Joseph O’Connell, was quite an inspiring figure.

So I’m finding that my “thank god, green-and-beige plywood is better than that monstrosity” is giving way to a cautiously optimistic “maybe it won’t look half-bad in the new arrangement.” At worst, it’ll be indoors where I won’t have to look at it.

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