Literally street-art

Covered up Toynebee street art

NPR’s weekend edition had a story on Saturday about a new documentary on the ‘Toynbee tiles‘ — mosaic tiles embedded in the street in several different cities which read “Toynbee Idea: In Kubrick’s 2001, Resurrect Dead on Planet Jupiter” (or some variation thereof). There are a few in Chicago, but I went to check on the one near the Hancock at Michigan and Chestnut today and discovered that the CDOT was no respecter of mysterious outsider art.

Toynbee tile (2003 - pre coverup)
The same tile in 2003*

* OK, this is kinda freaky — I took that old picture on September 26, 2003. Spooooky.

(via Daring Fireball)

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