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Literally street-art

Covered up Toynebee street art

NPR’s weekend edition had a story on Saturday about a new documentary on the ‘Toynbee tiles‘ — mosaic tiles embedded in the street in several different cities which read “Toynbee Idea: In Kubrick’s 2001, Resurrect Dead on Planet Jupiter” (or some variation thereof). There are a few in Chicago, but I went to check on the one near the Hancock at Michigan and Chestnut today and discovered that the CDOT was no respecter of mysterious outsider art.

Toynbee tile (2003 - pre coverup)
The same tile in 2003*

* OK, this is kinda freaky — I took that old picture on September 26, 2003. Spooooky.

(via Daring Fireball)

The Changes, they are a-comin’…

Local darlings The Changes (they’re my local darlings, at any rate, I’m definitely a fan) are set to have a hell of a great day today, starting with the release of their album, Today is Tonight. They’re also Spin’s featured band of the day, and are playing an in-store show at 5:30 p.m. at Virgin Megastore on Michigan Avenue. They also have a nice little write-up in UR Chicago‘s September issue.

If you haven’t yet made it out to see and hear The Changes’ infectious blend of rock, pop and dreams, I highly recommend both their live show and their album. Just try to come away from listening to The Changes without a smile on your face, I dare you. (Go on, try, you can give them a listen on their Myspace page.)

Feed your inner science nut

This past Friday kicked off the Chicago Science Expedition, a city-wide program that aims to “inspire children to be scientists every day, challenge adults to inquire about the essential role that science plays in our changing world,” and just generally get folks excited about science. Anything that encourages curiousity and questioning the world around us is all good with me. Events continue through October 8. Today’s line up:

Your County at Work

From the Sun-Times: Feds seize county hiring records:

FBI agents also appeared at Stroger Hospital, Oak Forest Hospital, the downtown Cook County Forest Preserve offices, Provident Hospital, Cermak Hospital and the Cook County Juvenile Detention Center to serve subpoenas for records.


The feds also dropped a subpoena at the Juvenile Detention Center, where youthful offenders are held. Detainees claim they have been beaten by workers there. Critics say the facility is overseen by unqualified political appointees.

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Venues, Record Stores & Radio

There’s a nice piece in this week’s Chicago Reader that gives both “newbies and lifers” a quick take on Chicago’s local venues, record stores and radio.

My favorite venue has always been The Metro. Just take a look at some of the upcoming shows: TV On The Radio, Art Brut w/ We Are Scientists, The Futureheads, Hot Chip and The Rapture. Looks good to me!

When I do go hit an actual record store as opposed to a quick, cheap and easy download, I prefer Reckless Records. They’ve always got the new stuff I’m looking for, and nearly 100% of the time I can find a couple of treasures in the used bin.

For local radio just give me a large dose of 88.7 WLUW. They are mostly focused on indie rock, but depending when you turn them on you’ll hear a bit of everything.

Your favorites? Shout it out!

A Tale of Two (Baseball) Cities

Sox and Cubs. Yankees and Mets. 2 of these teams are going to the playoffs this year and 2 are from Chicago. Second City? This time it’s true. It has been a tough year for Chicago baseball fans. The Sox at least had a chance until they gave up over the All-Star break. The Cubs? Ha. Next!

It gets disgusting after a while rooting for teams that never make it. Sure, the Sox are technically still champs, but do you really want to wait another 88 years for a Sox championship? Cuz they’re sure as hell aren’t winning it all again this year.

Consider this your chance to air out your moans and groans and wishes for next year. Who should replace Dusty (besides ‘anyone’)? What is wrong with the Sox and how does Kenny Williams fix em? Do you care? Has it all become one big joke?

Full of Chocolate

Chicago Metblog Meetup

Presenting (many of) your 2006 Chicago Metroblog authors: OfficerGleason, Bill, Nikkos, Steven, Fuzzy, Lauren, and Erinoia. Thanks to everyone for coming out.

Concerto in C Minor for Nokia, Motorola and Sony Ericcsson

Actually, it’s called Concertino for Cell Phones and Orchestra, by composer David Baker. From an article in Reuters:

“Baker said in a statement this was first time in his career that he had finished a piece but did not know what the result would be…There’s just no way to replicate 1,000 cell phones going off at once,” he said. (Thank God).

Clever mash-up of classical and modern culture?

Brilliant method of injecting some interaction into a classical music performance?

Shameless marketing ploy?

Just a really dumb idea?

You be the judge:

World Premiere Performance
Sunday October 1st, 2:30 PM
Dominican University (7900 W. Division)

And if you happen to get pulled over on the way to the concert for DWT, just tell the po-lice you were practicing. That oughtta work.

(This concludes today’s nikkos triple-header.)

Dwell On This, Chicago

Photo from Gridskipper: No article on Chicago is complete without the obligatory hipster photo.

Via Gridskipper, I find that the architecture magazine Dwell has a new feature on our fair city in the form of an interview with local architect (Gridskipper refers to him as a “sensitive soul” but I can’t vouch for that) Brad Lynch.

Lynch’s faves include Club Lago (never thought of it as an architectural destination as much as a mob hangout, but OK), Don Juan’s (a Mexican restaurant I’ve never heard of- have you?), and the Music Box (no argument here).

Check it.

From “The Chicago Bulls will win the NBA championship this season.”


“It has been eight long, Jordan-less years since Chicago so much as won a playoff series, much less competed for an NBA title. Bulls fans have witnessed futility at its highest level: From 1999 to 2002, Chicago won 66 games and sank to the lowest depths of the NBA. Put in perspective, that is three fewer wins in that span than Chicago won in 1997 alone.

That said, the Chicago Bulls will win the NBA championship this season.”


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