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Chicago chocolate vs. Lindt

As visions of turkey and pumpkin pie dance in my head (Thanksgiving dinner being my favorite meal of all time), let’s not forget about an all-important sweet: chocolate. Time Out compares Chicago chocolate to that of international chocolate giant Lindt, finding that Chicago chocolate can hold its own, but Lindt is still the expert. I think this has to be a matter of personal taste, so I suggest we all compare for ourselves. Here’s where you can find the local brands featured: Blommer, Coco Rouge, and Chicago Chocolate Company. Enjoy.

Happy Thanksgiving to all, I’m out until early next week. Have a lovely holiday.

Holy Cow!


Cubs. Free agent. 8 years. $136 million. When’s the last time Cubs fans heard those types of numbers? Oh, that’s right…NEVER. That’s why the signing of outfielder Alfonso Soriano is music to our long-suffering ears. I can’t remember the Cubs ever bringing in an All Star player during his prime and doling out this much money for them. Gives them instant credibility. Sure, it’s a lot of money, but it sends a message that they’re finally serious about winning. Those empty seats at the end of last season must have scared the hell out of them and, apparently, the money out of their wallets. Now all’s we need is a pitching staff…

Completely Arbitrary

Barenaked Ladies

I was out at the Allstate Arena last night for the Mike Doughty Band / Barenaked Ladies show. Great show. I’m really impressed that BNL have managed to combine the best of Big Spectacle Arena Rock with Band That Knows And Cares About Their Fans (they sang a happy birthday song to an 8-year-old).

But… on the way into the venue I was stopped by a police officer who asked to see into my bag. Inside was my Sony F-717, a mid-sized digital camera. “You can take it back out to your car or check it in with us.””But, it’s just a camera.” “Yep.” Steely cop stare.

I wussed out on arguing with the guy that there wasn’t anything posted about still cameras (I looked) and took it back out to the car. And came back in with a Sony W-100, a much smaller camera, in my coat pocket. Much like, as far as I could tell inside, hundreds of other people with cameras.

So what’s the problem with my other camera? Both Mike Doughty and BNL are fine with fans taking pictures (I know Mike Doughty is, because he used mine on his blog). In fact, both bands are OK with non-commercial taping. Was the cop afraid I’d use such a big camera as a bludgeon? Or was he just exercising completely arbitrary power for it’s own sake?

(And yes, I might have answers to these questions if I hadn’t wussed out — but what’s a blog for if not day-after blustering?)

Metroblogging T-Shirts

Metroblogging T-shirtIt’s been nearly non-stop, this clamoring you people have been doing for Metroblogging T-Shirts. Just in time for the holidays, y’all can finally stop yer yapping and get a shirt already. (That was you, right, and not just voices in my head?)

My Feet Are Cold

So what’s a good “working” temperature for you? The State of Illinois is lowering thermostats.

Sounds good to me. I keep my house somewhere around 67-68. Of course, certain rooms are always hotter or colder. Do you currently work in a hot or cold building? Do you have a space heater at work?

Oh, the horror of it all

For some of us, every day is Halloween (cue early synth Ministry). So for those who didn’t get enough scares in October, this weekend is for you: the After Dark Horrorfest, 8 Films to Die For, featuring “horror films that are considered too graphic or too disturbing for general audiences.” The festival takes place tonight, tomorrow night, and Sunday night at the following locations in Illinois:

Quote-Journalism-End Quote

Chicago ex-pat Phillip Mottaz brings us this overview of the journalistic prowess of WGN Morning News’ Robin Baumgarten.

P3, SubT

It’s cold out there, right? And windy too. So when I drove over to Target and saw a bunch of people sitting outside the doors all wrapped up in blankets, my first thought was: “So they’re letting homeless people camp out here now?”

Nope. Turns out they have a much more serious problem. These people are waiting in line to buy Playstation 3, which goes on sale tomorrow. They are going to be sitting out there all night tonight as the winds whip up to 25 mph and the temperatures drop into the thirties. I truly don’t understand this. Can’t you buy the Playstation on another day? Of course, I still own the original Playstation, and quite frankly, I never play it, so maybe I’m the wrong guy to talk. But I think this is bizarre behavior!

I can think of better things to do tonight, indoors.

Bookslut on Obama

I’m not sure anything can be added to Bookslut’s short description of this link — “Barack Obama: Cock Blocker“. (And the guy’s name is “Lovelady”? That’s almost too much.)

K-Fed came to town, was classy

K-Fed from US Weekly

US Weekly Online has a photograph of Kevin Federline’s sterling prose on a shower door at the House of Blues here in Chicago. It matches a number of the super-classy things he said on stage, like “I’m seeing a lot of fine ladies here, and you know who’s about to be a free man.” Thanks for stopping by, K-Fed.

(Via The Superficial)

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