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Best Headline of the Year goes to…

The Chicago Sun-Times (the Bright One!) for its tasteful “Cubs woo Dave Matthews despite poo“.

Just try to find a better one. I dare you.

Letters to Santa

In my typical procrastinating style, I found myself headed to the post office today to post my Christmas cards. Although I am thankful that they increase the hours for the holiday season, it sure would help if they also had people to work those hours. There were almost a dozen people in line and one poor soul holding down the fort. But I digress… I wasn’t actually posting to gripe!

While I was waiting, I noticed there was a mail box in the lobby, wrapped in wrapping paper, with a sign that said, “Santa Claus Mail Only”. Is this something the post office always does? Am I just that oblivious? I know they must get a ton of letters to Santa, is this a way of short-cutting the sorting? I’ve just never seen it before…

Major League Dumpster Diver

It seems a far west side man stole financial records of White Sox player Jim Thome and others from trash containers outside of a sports agent’s office. In all, records were taken from 80 to 100 major leaguers, including Moises Alou and Juan Pierre.

Northbrook based SFX Baseball has not released a comment to explain why the documents were not destroyed. If I were a player, I’d want to know as well!

Chicago Magazine Green Awards Nominations

Chicago Green Awards 2007Chicago Magazine is going to honor “green” Chicagoans in their April 2007 issue and they’re asking for nominations from the public. They write:

Do you know a Chicagoan whose efforts in the areas of conservation and sustainability are considered groundbreaking? Awardees might be an architect or a chef, a small business owner or a policy maker. To be considered, a nominee must live in northern Illinois. All nominations must be received by January 8, 2007.

You can nominate someone by using a nomination form on the Chicago Magazine site.

Stop Looking At Me Like That

Plensa Grows Third Eye

On Sunday night, Devyn Caldwell (Looper) and Michael Doyle (Chicago Carless) were out taking photos downtown, as they do, and noticed that security cameras had been installed on top of the Plensa “face” fountains in Millennium Park. Caldwell sent an email to the Trib’s architecture critic, Blair Kamin, and was talking to a Trib reporter on the phone within minutes. The Tribune published an article about the ‘temporary’ cameras Tuesday morning and the cameras were removed during the day on Tuesday. It’s kind of heartening when a combination of citizen outcry and media attention actually changes something in the city.

(photo by Looper)

Celebrity spotters take note

January will bring another movie filming in our fine city, Fred Claus, due to start production in January 2007. Starring Vince Vaughn (welcome back, Vince, we hear you just had a break up), Paul Giamatti and Kevin Spacey (who I once saw eat at Tempo on State and Chestnut), the film’s plot outline is as follows: “Joe Claus, Santa’s bitter older brother, is forced to move to the North Pole.” I guess maybe Santa’s brother’s been living in Chicago because of the similarity in winter to the North Pole. Though not so much this year, so far.

Bears Nearly Tank It

Too late to go over the Bears’ meltdown that almost lost the game yesterday to the lowly Bucanneers, but I’m a little nervous about the defense still. Tell me they’re injured and playing soft with nothing left to accomplish and I’ll say okay, but come on, they should be teeing off on these teams, for four quarters. Let’s get it together! At least we have a solid QB and not some second-string journeyman, eh?

I’ll admit that when the Tank Johnson situation arose last week I jokingly put the team first and wondered what kind of cop would arrest our guy in the middle of a Super Bowl run. But then it got ugly. There were kids and guns and drugs, and then someone died. A whole lot of bad judgment going on over there in Tank’s world. The dude must go.

But what I really want to know is, what does a 6-foot-3, 300-pound man need a bodyguard and all those guns for?

A Taste of Home

Chicago Pizza PringlesIn far-off Hakodate, Japan, my friend Kate found a little taste of home.

Burlesque Guide from 1959

Night Life in ChicagoAre you going out on the town in Chicago on April 3, 1959? Then you’ll need Night Life in Chicago, which Iowahawk has graciously scanned for us, in toto.

He-llloooo! Now we’re talking convention-ese. Our earlier encounter with Sunni Daye and the fabulous “Beauty on Parade” show at the Mark Twain Lounge (now a Subway sandwich shop). But what’s this? An equally glamorous, equally Polynesian parade of girls at Club Aloha (the site of which was recently destroyed by fire). Meanwhile a “thrilling all-star revue” at the Talk of the Town beckons.

(via Boing Boing)

The season of giving…and shopping

Well, this is it for me: the weekend of mad dash holiday shopping. If you’ve got shopping yet to do, and have a few people on your list who are difficult to buy for, check out some of these local gift guides:

Time Out’s sports fan guide, featuring things like fly-fishing lessons and racing school.

-Also from Time Out, “of the month” gifts, including yarn, magic tricks, sex toys, and many more.

-The Chicago Reader Holiday Gift Guide features unique gifts such as recordable turntable for converting vinyl to mp3 and gourmet take out meals.

-The Chicago Tribune comes through with comic gifts.

Happy shopping.

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