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Take My Hockey Ticket, Please!

There’s a great article in the Chicago Tribune’s Business Section today that talks about how the Chicago Blackhawks can’t even give their tickets away. This year’s team may wind up with the worst record in the Western Conference and fans are staying away by the thousands. The lack of playoff appearances over the last decade-plus surely is making fans think twice whether or not they want to give their hard-earned money to a team that is obviously far behind the times, hardly competing with other teams in the league.

They last made the playoffs in 2002 and before that in 1997 (the last year that I had season tickets). This certainly is sad news when you are in a league which more than half of the teams make the post-season.

Chicago Theatre a bunch of spoilsports


Until this afternoon, Dubi Kaufmann had a clever little “put your own message on the marquee of the Chicago Theatreweb widget. Then he got a nastygram from William Becker of TheatreDreams, which owns the theater. Even if you can control the use of pictures of your public building (which isn’t always clear) it’s just kind of jerky to go after a little time-waster like this.

I’m glad that Dubi hasn’t actually taken down the site, just cut the Chicago Theatre out of the picture.

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Thank You, Rogers Park Library

Drove by the Rogers Park Library last night. I saw a small dot of vivid color flying above the building.I couldn’t tell if the flags had been replaced for sure, as it was hard to see the flags flying because they were not lit. I drove by again this morning. Confirmed: there is a brand new American flag proudly flying above the Rogers Park Library.Hooray for quick civil service! I can read again in peace.Now, just get a light on those puppies after sunset.

Microresource: Edgewater Delivery Menus

Edgewater Delivery Menus is a single-page website with scans of menus of restaurants that deliver to Edgewater. Very Web 0.5, and very useful on a Sunday night when you just can’t drag yourself out of the house. And you happen to live in my neighborhood. Thanks, “Edgewater Glutton”.


Chicago has a long and consistent history of police corruption and brutality. Even our esteemed mayor has been linked to cases of police brutality. Most of the cops I have worked with have been outstanding officers–they don’t abuse kids, beat businessmen, threaten people or beat up bartenders. All of my clients can tell you about the good cops in their neighborhoods. The same thing holds true about one bad apple: One bad cop in a community makes any sort of law enforcement in that community significantly more difficult. Anytime I start working with a new family, part of what I have to do is assure them that I’m not like “that cop.” For my normal job, that isn’t that difficult. Given the new program I run, I seem to be running into more resistance.

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An Open Letter to the Rogers Park Library

Dear Friends at the Rogers Park Library,I am a patron of this library. I heart this library. While you’ll find me camped out in the upstairs fiction section every couple of weeks or so, I also enjoy your other collections and the building as a whole.I also heart America. While I would never wear an American flag pin, I have a lot of respect for the American flag because I believe it stands for something big. I’m not alone: people put down their lives (possibly even at this moment, sadly) for the symbols behind this flag.That is why, Rogers Park Library, it disturbs me to see the flag flying on your roof at all hours of the day and night. (A flag should only be flown at night as a sign of trouble. Are you in imminent danger, Rogers Park Library?)More concerning, this flag is in tatters, as if a cougar attacked it. Why is this, Rogers Park Library? Don’t you heart America enough to at least replace your flag with one that’s whole?Just saying.Sincerely,Devoted Library Patron and America Hearter

Rock on, roller-skating dude, rock on

Rollerskating Dude

Tribune Plaza on a Monday night, Roller-skating dude was just cruising back and forth, busting out the tricks.

Shelf 2/216

Hello, Shelf 2.21 books on this shelf. It makes me a little nervous. It’s 8:10 and the library closes in less than an hour. Hopefully, I can get through this shelf.Find out if I do after the jump. (more…)

Bin drinkin’

Last Wednesday I decided to take a stroll while waiting for the S.O. to come home from work. I made my way up Damen, periodically taking out my umbrella for the thirty-second bursts of rain that characterized that afternoon.
I eventually arrived at The Crotch, steering myself southeast on Milwaukee.
And then I found what I was looking for:

Hoodoo Gurus / The Goldstars

Not ready for the weekend to be over? I’ll see you out at the Abbey Pub Sunday night for Australian rockers Hoodoo Gurus and Chicago’s own The Goldstars.

Hoodoo Gurus has been rockin’ it for over 20 years with eight albums to their credit, the last release in 2004. My favorites include Mars Needs Guitars, Blow Your Cool!, Magnum Cum Louder and Kinky, all from the mid-80’s, early-90’s period. The Goldstars play a fresh style of garage rock that’s sure to get you movin’. You’re sure to recognize their members from their work with New Duncan Imperials, Poi Dog Pondering and The Slugs.

The show starts at 8 p.m.

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