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So, I’ve read everything on Shelf 2/216 except for Zorro. I’m having a hard time with it. Not that the book is bad (I have no idea, as I’m only on pg 10), but that I have no real interest in it. Every time I sit down to read it, I find my mind wandering to other things.What’s your take? Should I put it down, send it back to the library, and move on to Shelf 3? Or, do I stick with it, despite the fact that the books are overdue, and finish what I started?Help me decide.

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  1. Laurie (unregistered) on April 5th, 2007 @ 3:08 pm

    Take it back. I used to be a big proponent of finishing every book I started. Until “Hey, Joe.” “Hey, Joe” was a miserable, self-indulgent piece of fiction. I hated it but I persisted, thinking it sacrilege to give up on a book. After all, I love books so much! Surely, it must have SOME redeeming qualities. Surely, I must be able to get something out of it? Wrong. “Hey, Joe” was the worst book I’ve ever read. I was livid after its completion. It lacked any literary or entertainment value whatsoever and I wanted to track down the author and cause him harm. I am normally an easygoing peaceful person, but this book inspired RAGE in me. This was 7 years ago. I’m STILL angry every time I think about this book. Now, if I’m not into a book, I let it go. I don’t ever want fiction to make me that angry again. I’m not saying your situation is parallel – sounds like you don’t detest “Zorro”; it just bores you. But, you gave it a shot and it’s not working out. Move on. Start on Shelf 3. It’s overdue, anyway. If you were to complete it and still didn’t like it, you’d be upset that you had to pay fines on top of that.

    Just my opinion – good luck either way!

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