Things I hate.

So, I’m at work and my cell phone rings, with a “PRIVATE” number. I never get PRIVATE calls, so I’m freaking out, thinking my wife is in the hospital or something, I answer, and it’s a damn “autodialer” from someone (apparently associated with the VFW) urging me to let me state representative know that I think the proposed ban on smoking is an infringement on our rights… whatever.

I’m on the federal NO call list, a-holes.

I also am against the smoking ban (generally).

But this pissed me off. I’m on the do not call list for a reason: I do not want to be called! So guess what: you just lost a supporter. At the end of the message was an option to “Press 1 to be connected to your state representative to let them know you don’t support the smoking ban.” I pressed one. And let my state representative know that I think they should introducing a bill with heavy fines for organizations that ignore the Do Not Call list.


Update: This is pretty ridiculous… This weekend I’ve received *four* calls: two for Dorothy Tillman and two for Pat Dowell, in the hot 3rd Ward race. What a waste of time *and* money: I don’t live in the 3rd Ward. I haven’t in over a year and a half. And yes, my voter registration is up-to-date, so they should know I don’t live in the ward. Idiots.

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  1. Reader (unregistered) on April 11th, 2007 @ 9:42 pm

    The do not call list does not apply to political calls.

  2. Ella (unregistered) on April 12th, 2007 @ 9:43 pm

    It also does not apply to cell phones.

  3. quack (unregistered) on April 13th, 2007 @ 11:48 am

    Ella, yes it does:

    10. Can I register my cell phone on the National Do Not Call Registry?
    Yes, you may place your personal cell phone number on the National Do Not Call Registry. The registry has accepted cell phone numbers since it opened for registrations in June 2003. There is no deadline to register a home or cell phone number on the Registry.

    “Reader’s” comment is also not quite accurate- the DNC list does not apply to non-profits, and buisnesses you have an “established relationship” with. That last part is a pretty big loophole.

    Dave! should try to figure out how his number got on the advocacy group’s list, and get off it. That’s usually not too hard, unless they hired some phone spammer to do the work for them.

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