Rumors from the South Side

My clients have a tendency to exaggerate events and happenings in their neighborhood. To them, its a bit of a game: How much can we get Gleason to believe. When one kid brings up something, I typically let it slide. When another kid mentions the same details as another kid, I start to pay attention. Especially when we’re talking about Stranger Danger.

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According to two of my kids, there is a guy on the South Side, driving around 79th (typically between Stony Island and Cottage Grove) in a black “truck” (a Buick Rendezvous) asking young looking kids (usually guys) if they want to participate in a sleep survey. Typically, he pulls up next to the kids and talks to the kids from his car. On one occasion, he parked the car and walked towards the kid, and tried to coerce him into the car. This person doesn’t have a clip-board, nor does he have any identification.

The kids couldn’t identify the guy beyond that he has a, “caramel complexion.”

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard about this “guy.” My clients have always talked about, “the sleep survey guy” but this is the first time I’ve ever heard of him trying to do something with kids. Has anyone else heard anything about this guy, or someone like it?

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