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Hot Doug’s

Where do high-flying British three-star chefs go to eat when they come to Chicago? Hot Doug’s, of course.

I went to Chicago, and I went to Alinea. The boy there [chef Grant Achatz] has got extraordinary technical ability. This boy, I believe, can win three stars in the Michelin guide. But do I want to sit in that environment, where I’m dictated to? No. I’m told these are my two choices, 12 courses or 24 courses. It’s not my thing. It’s just too much; I get bored by it. …

But when I was in Chicago, I also went to Hot Doug’s, and it’s amazing. There’s a queue like you’ve never seen. Doug [Sohn, the owner] has got one eye on the kitchen, one eye on the room, and he’s taking their money. I loved him — he’s an old-fashioned restaurateur. Even that one, it isn’t just hot dogs. They are hot dogs with a difference. [Sohn] has a sausage maker, they work out the recipes — so you might have a sausage with rabbit, with mustard, and with the onions and cheese on top. What a lunch! But you know, and here’s the thing: That boy serves a hot dog — and a great hot dog, let’s not forget that — but at 4 o’clock he closes the door and he goes home to his family. He doesn’t leave anyone else to look over it. Interesting, isn’t it? He has the same philosophy as a great chef. [Salon]

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Best / Boldest Bike Messengers

Hmmm, Bike Messenger Awards. I see that it’s two separate awards, but of the messengers that I “run into” on the downtown streets & sidewalks, they all seem to be bold (or is it rude?).

Maybe I’m in the minority and Bike Messengers really are reliable, friendly, funny and are born leaders. I just seem to get involved with the ones that ride over my shoes to get through the red lights.

Do you have any stories that you’d like to share? Are there any messengers that can set me straight on the business? Sure seems like a great way to stay in shape. No need to stop at the health club after work with that job!

The Gyros Project

Gyros Project

Interesting Ideas presents the Gyros Project: 246 of the best Chicago Gyro signs. They’ve even got a (now half-useless) 2007 calendar. Damn, it’s after midnight and now I’m hungry for a lovely, greasy gyro.

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I-Go Audio Emissions

igo-ad.jpgChicago DJ/designer/blogger Liz McLean Knight/Liz Revision/Quanazelle is the new poster child for I-Go Car Sharing — the non-profit car-sharing service. She’ll also be spinning at the CD release party for I-Go’s Audio Emissions — a CD of local musicians (like Andrew Bird, Koko Taylor, Mucca Pazza, and Devil in a Woodpile) that will be placed in every I-GO car in Chicago.

I-GO Audio Emissions CD Release Party
Metro (3730 N Clark)
Thursday, May 31
7pm 21+
Tix $10 advance/$15 door/$20 VIP
featuring Detholz!, Palliard, and Madison Buchanan with DJ sets by Quanazelle and DJ Flawlesz.
Hosted by Miss Mia.

CTA vs World Subways


Faced with the "subway systems of the world, presented on the same scale," is your first impulse to make an animation so that you can compare the CTA to the size of each of the other 34? Well, it’s mine. Oops.

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The Tossers – No Loot, No Booze, No Fun

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Do you mean, Fuzzy, that all my band has to do to get you to post our video is start off with the Chicago flag and run down some random Chicago streets with our video camera? The answer, my friends, is yes, and I advise all other bands in the world to get on with it.

Paul Revere Play Lot Renovation

Recently, while playing at the park with my daughter, I learned of some neighborhood plans to renovate our play lot. I’m very excited about this, because some of the current equipment seems to be a bit dangerous. Rotting wood, rusty bolts, etc., etc. As far as I know, there’s no word on how long the Friends of Paul Revere Playlot & Park think this project is going to take, but if you’re a parent in Lincoln Square, Ravenswood, North Center or St. Ben’s, please consider getting involved.


Adult Cicada With Wing

Originally uploaded by Happy Monkey.

So we’ve mentioned the 17-year Cicadas here and here but according to the news, tomorrow is the day they little buggers start making lots of noise. Last time, I remember that they were mostly gone by July–and that better hold true for this year. Otherwise, the Decemberists show is going to suck.

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Sky Blue

As we start what looks to be a lovely weekend (if you haven’t started already), one would think all of the talk would be about a certain band that is playing three sold out shows at the Chicago Theatre. Sure there’s been some coverage, but most music talk in Chicago seems to be about Wilco and their latest CD Sky Blue Sky.

There are a bunch of different takes around town. Some feel it’s a CD that will take many listens to find the greatness that lies within. Others feel the band (and leader) are just too soft and tender, and lack the tension that in the past made the music exciting and an end-of-year favorite.

Personally, I’m not impressed by my first few listens, and at the same time would argue that should be enough to develop an opinion of a CD. If it’s something that I’ll have to listen to twenty times before I “get it”, it’s probably not meant to be.

On a national and inter-national scale there’s no denying that Wilco is a huge part of Chicago music. Of course the locals will have their say about that, and after a few listens of Sky Blue Sky may consider Wilco to be as much about Chicago as the new Smashing Pumpkins are proving to be.

Cross-town thingie!

Hey sports fans stuck behind computer monitors, for $15 you can watch the Cubs play the Sox* live on your interwebs! Just click here!Never say nerds have never done you any favors.*For a month you also get to watch other MLB games. This isn’t like some special offer affiliated with today’s game, it’s just what the MLB charges for all games as a blanket subscription. I just assume that since I am like the only person in my office today, there are some people somewhere pissed they’re stuck at work and not watching the game.

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