Can you eat for $3 at Navy Pier?

Steve Gadlin asks, and answers, the culinary question “can you eat lunch for $3 on Navy Pier?

I found myself with a bit of an awkward problem today… stuck on Navy Pier with no wallet, and only $3 in my pocket. At lunch time. When I left the house today, I was sure that one of those singles was a fiver. No such luck. I’m pretty sure my wallet is floating around the house somewhere, I just haven’t had time to dig for it.

Can you eat lunch for $3 on Navy Pier? Navy Pier is notorious for its price gouging. The Navy Pier McDonald’s has a sign explaining that they don’t participate in normal McDonald’s promotions. A value meal will run you between $7-$8. I could pick up a single cheeseburger for $1.85, but would that hold me over until dinner? And what would I wash it down with?

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