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Have you ever tried to get really up to date information on a hot show or music act? Really the only place to go is one of the many music blogs that patrol the internet for what’s happening and what’s not. Sure some publications have good information, but if it’s not an online edition you’re most likely missing what your friends already know about.

That brings us to an article in the Chicago Reader entitled The Blog As Label. More times than not these writers are the eyes and ears discovering new acts, posting MP3s and befriending the artists. Seems like a good idea that these blogs would take the next step and promote their favorite shows and CDs. But where do the lines blur between some friendly notes and links about a band and actually joining a partnership with them and selling the artist? How do you help to release a CD for an artist then honestly review it on your site?

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  1. k-rock (unregistered) on September 24th, 2007 @ 3:00 pm

    How do you help to release a CD for an artist then honestly review it on your site?

    Hopefully they will choose not to, if they want to maintain integrity with their readership, IMO.

    I think the fan-cum-agent is going to be more and more prevalent in the digital age, until, honestly, there isn’t a line between the two. Along these same lines, I think it’s still crucial to have critics/reviewers/objective observers that are outside and are able to provide good information and analysis for general use, in addition to fans who develop into promotional vehicles for the arts, by way of the blogosphere.

  2. Mr. Smith (unregistered) on September 26th, 2007 @ 9:09 am

    The folks over at Glorious Noise – a local music site than then launched a label – might have some thoughts on this.

  3. Jake (unregistered) on September 27th, 2007 @ 8:49 am

    Well, at GLONO we always try to be absolutely clear to differentiate what’s a review and what’s pimpin’ our own shit. We’ve never tried to sneak a plug in. Why would we? Just come out and say, hey, we love this album so much we’re paying to manufacture it and distribute it and promote it — please fucking buy it so we can afford to release more good music.

    Of course, we discovered that not even your hardcore readers (comment on every post, message boards, etc.) are willing to part with their cash just to “support” the site/label. They have to really dig the music. Which is pretty obvious, I guess. But that’s why we’ve only been able to afford to release one album per year. (The site totally subsidizes the label.)

    PS – We launched our label back in 2004, back when most “top-tier” music blogs were still sucking their mother’s dick. No bitterness though. :P

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