Good Cop, Bad Cop

It’s no surprise that cops usually don’t write other cops tickets. And it’s also no surprise that cops would get used to the privilege and come to expect it. What is a little surprising is that no one would think that it would be a little unseemly to publicly complain about the rare occasions when a cop does actually write up another cop. But that’s what Cops Writing Cops is all about — a place for cops to complain about cops who were “Dicks” (that’s their word) to other cops. Oddly enough, the site has given me a bit more respect for the Illinois State Police today:

[…] Once she got to my window, she took my license and told me that I was clocked by airspeed doing 84.9 miles per hour. That seemed a little high, but we know not to argue. She asked why the hurry. I told her I wasn’t in a hurry and that I was en route to give a LAW ENFORCEMENT defensive tactics training seminar in Springfield. I actually gave her the business card of my contact at the Police Academy. The same academy that trains the state police! I then mentioned that I have been law enforcement for almost 15 years and would appreciate a break. She then told me that she couldn’t do that because she was the “catch car”. I then rattled off a couple names of who might be flying the plane that was above (Butler, Galvan). I worked with a couple during a DEA detail once and I KNOW they would give me the nod. That didn’t even phase her. I then realized that I was getting a ticket. After stopping hundreds of cops on Lake Shore Drive, some state, I was getting a ticket. I have friends in state police districts 2, 5 and of course Chicago. This troop, Trpr Schroder #3512, from district 6 is the only officer to ever give me a ticket while I have been a police officer. Congrats to you.


Contacts within ISP [Illinois State Police] tell us that they write even their own. How pathetic!!! I’m sure there are 12,000 or so officers from a “big city” that are itching to catch a ISP Trooper. Hope they only return the favor to district 6.

(via Boing Boing)

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