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Chicago Papercraft Postcards

Build Your Own Chicago

I haven’t made papercraft models in years, but these postcard-sized models of Chicago buildings from Build Your Own Chicago might get me started again, especially at just $1.50 a pop. They’ve even got some freebies you can print yourself, like the Sun-Times building and a section of L track to display your postcard-built L cars on.

(via Boing Boing)

Cubs For Real?

The Chicago Cubs reclaimed first place in the central division with a 3-2 win over the Reds while the Astros were able to beat the Brewers in 10 innings last night. With only nine games remaining can the Cubs hang on and win their division? And after winning the division could they win a couple of playoff rounds in a rather weak National League and make it to the World Series?

I’m not a huge sports fan but do like when our city’s teams do well since it keeps the bars and restaurants busy!

Won’t Somebody Please Think of the Children?

Mayor Daley sure is adamant about putting the Chicago Children’s Museum in Grant Park. He came out swinging today claiming “That park belongs to families and children. It doesn’t belong to a few people on Lake Shore Drive, Randolph Street or Michigan Avenue.” You would think he would be happy, seeing that he’s one step closer to getting his Chicago casino. Maybe he wants to put that in Grant Park, too?

I’m all for Children’s Museums…. growing up in Indiana, I loved the Children’s Museum in Indianapolis and I wasn’t as impressed with the one here in Chicago. So maybe they do need some new digs.

But is taking up park space really the best option for it? Some people think it’s not just a bad idea, but illegal. While other’s disagree. Here’s a map of the proposed museum location.

Personally, I think the Mayor’s gone off his rocker. Is anyone really saying they don’t think the park should be for everyone? Is anyone really trying to ban children?! I think the point they are making is that it should remain park space. I think he’s right when he says that the park belongs to families and children. But it also belongs to adults and the single. It’s a park for the enjoyment of all the citizens of Chicago, and I think I find myself in the “nay” camp on this one. I do understand that most of the museum would be under upper Randolph… but not all of it. And I do think there is merit to the “slippery slope” argument. Today’s it’s a children’s museum. What’s next? What about a Native American museum? Or a jazz/blues museum? They are all worthy causes… but is Grant Park the right place for them?

As soon as you let one worthy cause take a little of the park space, you have to start playing favorites… and I think that’s not only a bad precedent to set for the use of the park space, I think it’s a bad precedent to set for worthy causes as well.

What do you think?

Unclear on the concept


I think this mail-it-to-yourself service would be a lot more useful on the ENTRANCE side of the security gate here at O’Hare….

Gene, Georgetti, and gluttony

None of us set out to eat our weight in cheese, pasta, olives, and an ark’s worth of barnyard animals, but that’s what happens when Sal calls the shots. You don’t need to know who he is, only that he’s fond of Gene and Georgetti’s, loves to order things for others, and was our generous host on Friday evening. Which is how we ended up tasting what seemed like everything on the menu and begging Joe to limit the number of meat dishes he brought us to two. When we ended up with three rather than the five Sal would have wanted us to have we considered it a victory of sorts.

Lake Michigan oddity

As I was walking through the fallen firefighter park between Lake Michigan and McCormick Place I noticed these unattractive icons painted on the walkway. Why exactly is genuflection forbidden here?

Seriously – these are some butt-ugly icons. It took me a few looks to discern that the other one was supposed to represent a swimming person. Apparently you Chicagoans – or at least the ones looking to swim in very cold lake water – have ape-length arms.

Greetings, Chicago

I’m Don from DC and I’ll be guest-blogging from here for a few days. I’m here tagging along with my darling girlfriend as she does a little work here in the second city, and thought I’d take this opportunity to expand my collection of unread Chicago Trib Magazines. If you can’t tell, the ones pictured are from 2004 and 2005 – I didn’t come along last year, so there’s a hole in my “collection.”

It’s not that I meant to hold and treasure the things, I just haven’t gotten around to reading them yet. A sane person would have thrown these out long ago, but I’ve got a soft spot for Sunday supplement magazines going back to my youth in Miami with Tropic magazine, which launched the career of an obscure fellow named Dave Barry. Plus, an article about pubs? You wouldn’t expect an Irishman to throw out a story about the emerald isle, would ya?

Anyway, I’m here for a few days and my darling will likely be busy for much of that, so I’m deciding how to entertain myself. We’ve all got our lists of places we send our first-time visitors, but where would you send a third-time Chicago visitor? What’s on your list that’s far down, past the Pier and the bean and the Aquarium (though I may go back to see your new baby beluga…) but still worth seeing? Or what’s too weird for you to suggest to the neophyte visitor?

Or what, perhaps, would you like to see a naive Chicago metroblogger do and write up?

Bike vs. Truck

The Chicago Tribune reports that a teenager riding her bike was struck and killed by a garbage truck Tuesday in the Logan Square neighborhood. The driver was ticketed for making an improper right turn but may not have been the only one at fault as the rider was apparently talking on her cell phone at the time of the accident.

Bikers beware! When riding give your full attention to the cars, trucks, trains and pedestrians around you. Know your surroundings, ride defensively and don’t count on others to make the right decision.

(I promise my next post won’t include any references to bikes or bike accidents.)

Bikes, Trains and iPods

I ride my bicycle for exercise, for quite a few errands and meeting my friends out too. I also love music but would never wear headphones while riding. This guy did.

The Nod

Part of the appeal of blogging, I think, is that on the internet, as the famous phrase goes, nobody knows you’re hideous mouth-breathing basement-dweller. If you can string three or four words together into a sentence, someone will read your blog — even if it’s just your mom, inevitably finding your site just after you’ve posted a dark confession of the terrible things you did to pigeons in your youth. (Or maybe that’s just me.)

In any case, Joe Janes and Don Hall are bucking that notion with their blog reading event, The Nod. The first half of the event is an open mic of sorts (readers must be confirmed in advance) with Greg Wendling, Keri Myslinski, Amy Guth, and Claire Micklin already scheduled. The second half of the event will feature readings from Hall, Janes, Dave Awl, Nat Topping, and Thea Lux.

Wednesday, September 19th, 8pm at The Uptown Writer’s Space at 4802 N Broadway. $5 donation requested.

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