Hypothermia 101

It is eight degrees out. That’s right–eight. What’s even more ridiculous is that I’m actually somewhat excited about this. Allow me to explain…
I was walking home from a friend’s last night, which was, quite possibly, the most idiotic thing I have ever done, and within ten seconds, my lungs were crystallizing and I couldn’t feel the first seven layers of my skin. Within two minutes, my cheeks were replaced by solid blocks of ice and my eyelids were permanently frozen open. The bank on the corner informed me that it was a whopping one degree, and fearing complete loss of my facial features to the elements, I wrapped my cheap scarf around my face, which created a hot, drool-y pocket of recycled air. My nose decided to join the party, and by the time I reached my doorstep, the bottom half of my face was smeared in snot and half-frozen saliva.
So…eight degrees? Eight entire degrees? I’ll take it, thank you very much.

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