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Regional Pizza Styles

Slice, the Pizza Blog, breaks down American varieties of pizza. Might be helpful if you’re having trouble telling your St. Louis-style from your Chicago Thin Crust.

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Yes, it’s cold in Chicago

Burrrrr, indeed. Please, please, please for the love of god and allthatisholy – stay warm. ..::voice of your mother::..

If you are lucky and you don’t have to go out and brave the elements (thank god), but are finding yourself bored and cabin fever-y, here are some things you can read on the wonderful and vast interweb. That way, you don’t die or get hypothermia.

1. Nerdy Laundry – for when you just want a funny blog to read

2. Chicago Bloggers – Another site where Chicago bloggers come together! Very cool!

3. Haunted Chicago – Don’t pretend like you’re too cool for ghost stories….and while you’re there, make reservations for a tour…you know, once the temperature goes above freezing.

4. Chicago Geneaology – this is almost the coolest thing ever! See how far back your Chicago roots really go…

5. Rent-A-Nerd – Go order a singing telegram for other people who are stuck inside. Man. I’m sad I didn’t think of this first. I’m definitely bringing them my resume…


I hope I have helped to ease your stuck-inside-my-apartment-because-Chicago-is-a-frozen-tundra blahs. I’m feeling very list-y lately – and I’m just lucky to have an outlet! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go sit on the radiator. *shiver*

The inevitable end-state of any fluffy, white snow in Chicago

The inevitable end state of any white, fluffy snow in Chicago


EveryBlock is a new “local news aggreator” that’s just launched in Chicago, New York, and San Francisco. Give it an address, zip code, or neighborhood name and it’ll tell you recent news articles, crimes*, business licenses, Flickr photos, etc. from that area.

* The site is from the same folks who created

(via Daring Fireball)

Yuck It Up

Bundle up and head out to The Lincoln Lodge at 9 p.m. tonight for chuckles and beer–what more could you ask for on a Wednesday evening? That’s right, nothing. So, don’t miss out on ten of Chicago’s top comedians dishing out their best material for a special Comcast On-demand taping.

The evening is hosted by the lovely Allison Leber and features Ryan Budds, Julianna Forlano, Nick Vatterott, Dave Odd, Fay Canale, Dustin White, Elizabeth McQuern, and James Lee. Did I mention that tickets are only five dollars (or a mere $3 if purchased online)?

Montrose Street Collapse

A section of Montrose near Wellington collapsed into itself. My friend Scott Sexton sent me an e-mail detailing his encounter with it during his morning commute:

The street is covered in mud, water and snow. Clearly a water main has broken. Shopkeepers are shoveling the debris off their walks. I get up to the next intersection. There are bulldozers and backhoes and more cops and CTA personnel. One of the lamp posts on the side of the street looks like it has sunk into the ground, but I really can’t see what’s happening. The L station appears to be open, however, but we can’t get to it. The cops route us up a block, through an alley, and then back down toward the station under the tracks. I pass the Beans n Bagels coffee shop and the floor is caked with mud and water. Crossing the street in front of a WGN news crew, I get to the L station. There are fans positioned everywhere trying to dry the soaked floor. It isn’t until I climb the stairs up to the platform that I can see exactly how bad the damage is. The earth has been literally washed away. Under the concrete, water is still gushing from the jagged end of a giant pipe. Montrose is dead.

He also took pictures from his camera phone:



Edit: My friend Gena has a great flickr set of the sinkhole as well.

5 things…..

It’s very John Cusak of me, I know, but I like lists. I’m a list-maker. Lists help me educate my friends (er, readership) about things I think are cool and/or un-cool. I like lists.

You’re welcome.

In no particular order, 5 Chicago bands that you should check out:

1. Trigger Gospel
2. The Strange Young Lovers
3. Bang Bang
4. Rogue Wave (from Cali by way of Chicago)
5. The Gongs

Journey’s End – A Shameless Plug


The Griffin Theatre Company’s production of RC Sherriff’s Journey’s End, directed by Jonathan Berry, opens this Sunday at 6:00 at the Theatre Building at 1225 West Belmont. Tickets are $19 – $24. The show runs Thursdays through Saturdays at 7:45 and Sundays at 2:45 through March 9th.

And I’m in it! You know you don’t want to miss that!

Cool Beans

Andersonville’s latest joe joint, The Coffee Studio, has quickly become one of my favorite writing spots. The baristas make a mean vanilla latte, and the heavenly hot chocolate delivers a gourmet sugar high when my caffeine buzz starts to fade. The decor is worlds away from more cluttered, cozy spots, such as Kopi Cafe but even the sleek-chic modernism is starting to grow on me. (On my first visit, I declared The Coffee Studio the lovechild of IKEA and Starbucks, but that vanilla latte has softened my stance a bit.)

Direct-trade coffee beans, organic milk and, well, the fact that they’re not Starbucks certainly adds to the Studio’s appeal. Plus, if you’re feeling inspired by their general fabulousness and are itching to launch your own cafe, check out the nifty “How Did We Get Here?” section on The Coffee Studio blog for a blow-by-blow account of their illustrious beginnings.

Baby it’s cold outside

We all know the temperature has dropped. However, it has made for some beautiful pictures. This is a flickr set of a freezing Lake Michigan that I took early Saturday morning.


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