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Salon update and headshots, etc

Okay, I went to my new stylist on Saturday, and I only have two words to describe my experience; holy hell. Not only were the salon employees awesome in general, but my new (and favorite) stylist Ken was ah-mazing!

I sat in his chair, crazy nervous, and attempted to explain to him what my ideal haircut/color was. I did a terrible job (my verbal fluency is the first thing to go when I’m nervous), and he still managed to give me the most amazing overhaul I’ve ever had! It was everything I imagined and then some! So, if you need new hair, or just a haircut/touch up, go see Ken at Salon 10 (5245 N. Clark). Tell him Nellie sent you.

Next item on the agenda – headshots. I’ve been dreading the stupid headshots for a long time, but I think I finally have to buckle down and just get it done. My friend Lindsey is going to do them, and let me just tell you, she’s amazing. She’s one of the only people I trust to take my picture, and she’s an all-around amazing artist. If you’re in need of a good headshot, or just a good piece of art, you should definitely check her out.

San Soo Gap San

Korean BBQ

I had Korean BBQ for the first time last week at San Soo Gap San (5247 N Western) and I’m an instant convert. When you order any of the main meat dishes, a glowing brazier of real charcoal coals in placed in the middle of your table and your meat comes delightfully marinated, but raw. So you grill the meat yourself, which means that the entire meal is accompanied by the sounds and smells of grilling meat. It also, of neccessity, spaces out the meat through the meal, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the copious banchan — the cornucopia of small dishes that accompany the meal. There were, seriously, 15 or so small dishes. We had very little idea what anything was, but that was half the fun. It all makes for a very social meal I’d recommend for 3 to 6.

The Davis/Sherman Thing Gets Uglier

This story will not die.

At the beginning of the whole Monique Davis/Rob Sherman debacle, I checked out Mr. Sherman’s website and decided it kinda made him look like a of a douche. I liked what he had to say, but not always the way he said it. His douchebaggery was reinforced with this genius quote:

Now that Negroes like Representative Monique Davis have political power, it seems that they have no problem at all with discrimination, just as long as it isn’t them who are being discriminated against.

What the hell?!?

I pulled the quote from Friendly Atheist, as Mr. Sherman at least had the good sense to eventually take the quote down. For a more thorough recap of all the ridiculousness you might want to check them out.

The whole thing just sucks. Rep. Davis’ comments last week were ignorant. Mr. Sherman’s response was downright stupid. Nobody wins.

State Rep. Apologizes for Anti-Atheist Rant

After a week’s worth of some of the worst press ever, including being named Worst Person in the World by Keith Olbermann, State Representative Monique Davis has apologized to atheist activist Rob Sherman for her attack on him on the floor of the General Assembly last week. According to the article, Rep. Davis blamed her outburst on having just learned of another student death at Chicago Public Schools. Such news is indeed upsetting; the number of Chicago students killed in gang violence this year is reaching a level difficult to believe. I suspect, however, that she revealed her true feelings about atheism in her tirade.

While it was right for you to apologize, Rep. Davis, don’t try to cover it with a lame excuse. You went off because for some reason you feel threatened by atheists. It is the typical response of the ignorant person: Attack that which you do not understand.

How sad for you. And how sad for Illinois.

Mitch O’Connell at Tattoo Factory Gallery

Mitch O’Connell PosterThe Tattoo Factory Gallery, a new gallery space next door to the (wait for it) Tattoo Factory in Uptown, will be hosting a show by Mitch O’Connell — an artist with a delightfully old school style. Opening nights are Friday and Saturday, April 25 and 26.

(via Boing Boing


Why is the weather so crappy in Chicago?? Come on! I keep asking what we did to deserve this!? I hate hearing the, “well its better then snow…” response and I have to say, “NO! It is not!! It is no better!! I still have a coat on!”
In case you didn’t notice, its pouring outside. And I have been at work….well, not really working. Its not because I don’t want to work, but there is NO ONE outside. Seriously, some guy just darted by and that has been about it. Oh what a dreary day. Srsly, there is nothing worse then being bored at work. It makes the time go by so slowly!!
I did look at some silly websites today….like but that is about it.

Seed Conference

The 3rd Seed Conference is coming up in June. The event has some really impressive Chicago entrepreneurs lined up: Carlos Segura, creator of T.26; Jason Fried of 37signals, Jake Nickell and Jeffery Kalmikoff of Threadless fame, and Jim Coudal of Coudal Partners. Plus Gary Vaynerchuk, who even though he’s not from Chicago and is a Jets fan, is still pretty damn cool.

Anyone been to any of the other Seed conferences?

Ellen is coming to Chicago!!!

Holy crap! Ellen is coming to Chicago in like, three weeks!!! I love Ellen! She’s on my “people I want to meet” list! I’ve made three attempts to go to l.a. to see Ellen, but plans always fell through. And now……SHE’S COMING TO CHICAGO!!!!

Let me take a moment to talk about zipcar….

I love it. LOVE IT!! I donated my car to the Children’s Hospital in Lincoln Park via Zipcar for a benefit that they were putting on. I got some cash for my car, a free membership for life, AND some free zipcar dollars. Its really simple, you go to their website, you sign up, you get a Zipcard in the mail, you it with Zipcar and then when you want to drive, you reserve a car from one of their many conveniently located Zipcar parking spaces and you go! I live in Wicker Park and we have 4 cars here right by my house. Like less then a block to a car. When you go to the car, you swipe your card on the windshield and it lets you so you can then get the key and drive it to wherever you little hearts desire. I like to go to target in mine. It averages about 10 an hour or you can rent per day. Go to zipcar’s website to find out more. Thanks and have a great day.

kickity kick ball!

It’s kickball season, kids!!!

One of the things at the top of my “things-to-do-as-soon-as-I-move-to-Chicago” list has always been “organize a kickball team”. And guess who’s organizing a kickball team, as we speak?!


It’s going to be so much fun! All official and stuff with t-shirts and everything! Games start in a few weeks and HEY, we still need members! Interested? Let me know! (We’re playing on the N. side, btw) 

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