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Zima? Zima!

I just read a story in the Tribune that MillerCoors is ending production of Zima. That’s interesting Tribune, but I think the real story that blew my mind was the fact that MillerCoors was still making Zima. Which brewery was still making Zima? The one trapped in 1992? I guess this gives me hope that somewhere there is a lonely factory making Cross Colors, Hypercolor t-shirts, and Zoomba pants. It makes my mullet smile.

(picture from maaco)

Ballin’ at McDonalds

“Just to verify, I am in the suburbs, I live this shit. The yellow fire hydrant, the green grass, and the Remax Suburban. Yeah, baby, that’s suburbs right there.” Mr. ChiCity lives large with the McDonald’s Dollar Menu:


A Cubs Fan Looks Back

Let Chicago ex-pat Phillip Mottaz take you on an emotional journey through this year as a Cubs Fan:


Mamma Mia! Pizza Beer

Pizza Beer

The tag line of Mamma Mia! Pizza Beer is “Beer so good it deserves… a wine glass!” I’d suggest a shot glass, because that’s as much of this beer as you’re going to want to drink.

“I like pizza and I like beer. So why wouldn’t I want to combine the two?” you might think. And that, I guess, is the question the Seefurth family of Campton, IL asked themselves. The answer, unfortunately, is that you wouldn’t want to combine the two because it tastes terrible.

And it’s not that it doesn’t taste like pizza — this ale “brewed with oregano, basil, tomato, and garlic” certainly has the aftertaste of a big bite of pizza. The problem is that it’s the wrong order. You’d take a big bite of pizza and then a swig of beer to cleanse your palate for the next bite. WIth this beer, all you’ve got is the lingering taste of pizza. Drinking it on its own is unsettling — all the aftertaste of a greasy slice without the actual pizza. And the only food I could imagine pairing it with would be… pizza, in which case it would be overkill.

Shameless Self-Promotion – Fall ’08 Edition

I have three projects going on that I’d like to tell the world about. First, come see me in Lifeline Theatre’s remount of The Mark of Zorro, currently running at the Theatre Building at 1225 W. Belmont. The show runs Thursday through Sunday, with two shows on Saturday. Tickets are $30, and the show runs through November 23rd.

Second, Shakesploitation! opens at Gorilla Tango Theatre (1919 N. Milwaukee Ave.) this Friday. The show features three one-act parodies of plays by William Shakespeare, with fight choreography provided by Yours Truly.

And third, next Saturday, October 18th, you should come by the Playground Theater (3209 N. Halsted St.) at midnight for Atomic Nerdery, a celebration of all things geeky hosted by Chicago Metblogs’ very own Dan Telfer. Aside from some great stand-up, sketch comedy, live music, puppets and film, this evening will also feature the debut of The Gentleman Rogues, a new stage combat/comedy duo featuring myself and Ryan Zarecki.

See you at the theatre! A good time shall be had by all!

I’m an Obama, she’s an Obama, wouldn’t you like to be an Obama too?

In Brazil, political candidates can put any name they want on the ballot as long as it is not offensive. That explains why Obamas were running for various Brazilian offices. According to an Associated Press article titled “No Luck for Obamas in Brazil Elections” there were eight politicians who listed their names as Obama on the ballot, and all of them lost. Other famous (or infamous) names used for political gain on the ballot: Bin Laden, and French soccer player Zinedine Zidane (the headbutt guy from the 2006 World Cup). No one was listed as “John McCain”. I would have been more likely to vote for John McClain.

(photo from Here in Van Nuys)

"Be Patient."

Christopher talked about the Cubs meltdown last night. He’s not the only one shocked by the Cubs ill fated history. The New York Times wrote a playoff analysis titled “Breaking Down the Cub’s Breakdown” by Tyler Kepner. As a matter of honesty, I hate the Yankees, and I have a habit of forgetting about the Mets. However, it was as solid analysis with this quote from Alfonso Soriano for the fans, “Be patient.”

*sigh* Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.

Fine. I’ll be patient. It’s a good thing that The New York Times gave me a nice interactive feature to play with while being patient. The feature goes over every post season appearance by the Cubs. I like it because it has vintage baseball photos and archival sports articles. Check it out and dream of next season.

(photo from swanksalot)


The fun of having both the Cubs and the White Sox in the postseason for the first time in 102 years was short-lived. After an entire season of being heralded as the best team in the National League, if not in all of Major League Baseball, the Cubs were swept out of the first round of playoffs last night in what can only be called an epic choke. Even a staunch skeptic like myself has a hard time dismissing the idea that something out there just will not let the North Siders make it to the World Series.

The city’s hopes now lie with the White Sox, who are already two games down in their series against the Tampa Bay Rays. The Sox in exciting (if desperate) fashion, forcing a one-game mini-playoff against division rivals the Minnesota Twins. While our hopes – or fears – of a Crosstown Classic have been crushed, there is still a chance for a little more October baseball in Chicago. If you like that sort of thing.

Personally, I feel like the season starts a month too early and ends a month too late. They call baseball players the “Boys of Summer” for a reason. There should never be a risk of a ballgame getting snowed out.

But whatever. The Bears are on at noon.

Get some music, and comedy on the cheap TONIGHT!

I love comedy, I love music, I love odd ball stuff. Tonight I’m hosting a show that combines ALL of my loves. It’s a show called Blewtenanny! It’s from Blewt! productions who brought you the hit comedy game show Don’t Spit the Water and the current hit talent compitition at the Lakeshore Theater called Impress These Apes.

The show is at 11pm tonight at the Strawdog Theater (3829 N. Broadway) and is only $5. Tonight’s show will have two amazing Chicago stand-up comics: Chad Briggs, and Robert Buscemi. The night’s music comes from the amazing Samantha Cathcart, and the odd ball stuff will come from professional prankster Ken Barnard (the guy who protested the filling of the Montrose sink hole).

If that line-up does not sell you then perhaps some philanthropy might sway you. The Strawdog Theater has a bar with inexpensive beers. By buying the inexpensive beers at the Strawdog’s bar, you help support the non-profit artistic endeavors of the Strawdog Theater. Yup, by drinking beer, you support the arts. Never been easier to do good.

Strawdog Theater
3829 N. Broadway
Chicago, IL

Here’s some stand-up highlights from a Blewtenanny! back in July (NSFW because of language):

(picture of Ken Barnard performing at Blewtenanny! from Erica Reid)

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