Metblogs Closing Down May 31

It’s with sadness that I have to tell you that the entire Metblogs network will be closing down on May 31, 2010. (There’s a banner across the top of the page with a link to the official post from Metblogs HQ, but I’ll bet the three of you who are still reading are doing so via RSS subscriptions, so I thought I’d better post something here.)

It’s money, of course, and it’s sad for the grand experiment that was the Metblogs network. The Chicago Metblog has been pretty dormant since last summer, so we’re not really going to be missed all that much, but there are 57 cities in the whole network and many of them are pretty active. Just not, I guess, active enough in a paying-for-the-servers sort of way.

Chicago was the fourth* city in the Metblogs network and over the last (nearly**) 6 years we’ve had 3,457 posts*** and 7,318 comments. Even with our dormancy over the last year, that still puts us at 6th highest post count in the network. A site redesign/database migration a couple of years ago means we lost a bunch of old author names, so I’ll just say we’ve had a couple dozen over the years and they were all great, whether they posted once or 800 times.

You’ve got plenty of choices for local blogging in Chicago these days—Gapers Block, Chicagoist, Windy Citizen, the Chicago Now network… it’ll only be up for a week, so feel free to plug your favorite Chicago blogs in the comments. I’ll see you around the blogosphere.

* San Francisco and Washington, DC beat us by a couple of days.
** First post, June 26, 2004.
*** 3,458 when I hit save on this.

Update: the Metblogs network has been saved.

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  1. FuzzyCo (unregistered) on May 23rd, 2010 @ 1:18 pm

    Chicago Metblog Closing Down…

    My blogging home-away-from-home since 2004 has been the Chicago Metblog and it’s just been announced that the whole network of……

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