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Obama, the comic book

As reported on the LA Times blog, Hero Complex, both presidential candidates are getting their own comic books. I am digging the cheesy super hero pose on the front cover. I wonder what bad guys they will have to fight. I’m guessing Obama will have to face off against his enemy Smear, while McCain has to fight off old age in order to gain the attention of his love interest Ms. Media. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait till October 8th to find out. Drat!

(photo from Beth Rankin)

Upcoming Hurricanes, from xkcd

xkcd #453

Chicago Sketchfest 2008

The Seventh Annual Chicago Sketchfest opens tonight at The Theater Building (1225 W. Belmont). Since there are over one hundred shows going on during the eight day festival, I like to look to the comedy experts to sort out where I should spend my time and money. Time Out Chicago has a wonderful hour by hour list of best bets compiled by Steve Heisler. And The Bastion has a nice rundown of their favorites as well.

If you are really nerdy, like me, then you will want to go inside the sketch writers minds. To do that, you can head over to Don Hall’s blog. There you can read about the show him and Joe Janes are performing twice during the festival. Or you can read the very funny article that sketch group Team Submarine wrote for Time Out Chicago explaining their writing process.

Sky Deck: Chicago’s Best View?


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Flipping through my in-flight magazine, the one entry on our fair city is a quick blurb about how the Sears Tower Skydeck has the best view in the city. One should not expect a lot from these ad-laden, tourist targeted magazines, but this is just supremely lazy. The average Chicagoan probably has at least one view that they prefer to the Skydeck. Show us what you got–what’s your favorite view of Chicago?

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Funny, How Things Work


I found this in the Sun-Times this afternoon between classes. And it’s weird, because I’m not usually a paper reader, and when I do go out of my way to read the paper, it’s usually not the Sun-Times. But I found a poor, abandoned copy, thumbed through it, and there it was, something that made me smile and think “I like how things work out like this.”

And the whole day has kind of felt that way. Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s the huge amount of caffeine I’ve had today (and “huge” here means way too much, and I consume the stuff every day as it is), but something about today has been really great.

(Pulled the comic from the official site)

chinatown history, part 2


chinatown history, part 1


you can’t buy drugs with spare change


yesterday was the equinox? coulda fooled me…


i heart it. i heart it a lot.


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