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A New Holiday, Just ‘Cause


Yesterday turned out to be Incredibly Awesome Thursday, and I’m determined to make it a weekly occurrence. Essentially, Incredibly Awesome Thursday (IAT) involves saying “yes” to something that you normally wouldn’t, perhaps because it sounds boring, it’s too far away and you’re lazy, whatever. My “yes” last night was to a dance performance at the Chicago Cultural Center featuring Matthew Hollis’ and the Power of Cheer. My mom, a former high school cheerleader extraordinaire, was quite keen on going, so I somewhat reluctantly agreed to tag along…and it ended up being awesome. Incredibly awesome, in fact.

Matthew Hollis, an amazing choreographer, dancer, and performance artist, presented a taste of the work he’s developing with a grant from the Chicago Dancemaker’s Forum, a unique blend of cheerleading, modern dance, theater, activism and a little bit of therapy. Hollis and his troupe of equally talented dancers (did I mention they’re all in short shorts?) act out stories from Hollis’ life, including a particularly impressive number performed on teetering stilettos. The cheer that I can’t get out of my head? “Guns are bad, guns are gross, you might as well eat poo on toast!” Well put.

Before the performance, we popped into the Gallery 37 Store, which was chock full of fantastic artwork by Project Onward artists, from colorful silk screened tees and bags to vibrant pastel drawings. Project Onward is an organization designed “to support the creative development of visual artists with developmental, cognitive, and mental disabilities.” Rock on.

We also had a chance to investigate the Puppet Bike, which, unfortunately, was out of commission by the time we arrived, but even the outside of this happy little cart covered in whimsical paintings of frolicking bunnies and kitties was entertaining. According to the Puppet Bike website, the stage on wheels was created by Mr. Trusty for a bipolar friend who couldn’t hold down a conventional 9-5, but the portable theater offered the perfect solution–work when you want, park it when you get bored. I’ll definitely be heading down to Millennium Park this summer so I can see the Puppet Bike in action. (Metblog’s Fuzzy Gerdes beat me to the Puppet Bike punch in his February post, but I just had to ramble on about it again.)

So that, my friends, is what Incredibly Awesome Thursday is all about. Next week–who’s with me?

Art + Bikes = Rad


Ooh wee! My calendar just got a little happier with the addition of the Manifest Urban Arts Festival on May 16 and Andersonville Bike Week, May 12-18.

Manifest is a smörgåsbord of artsy amazingness created by Columbia College seniors and graduate students, including a two-hour live broadcast, Going Green For Our Future; an Animation Production Studio Screening; You Gotta Hear This: A Fiction Writing Department MFA student reading; Music! Music! Music!; and so much more.

Andersonville Bike Week packs in Yoga for Cyclists, Bike Maintenance 101 clinics, jazz, hip-hop, and spinning classes, art exhibits and body cleansing, along with tons of discounts at local merchants when you bring in your helmet. You’ll definitely find me heading over to La Cocina de Frida with my bike helmet to receive 15% off their yummy, plantain filled enchiladas. Oh yeah.

I am shamelessly plugging an event I am hosting here in this blog.

Hey folks, sorry I have been without computer access for a little bit. It makes life harder. But anyway, I am back! And I have an event to write about……
As you may or may not know, I work at John Fluevog Shoes on Milwaukee Ave in Wicker Park. This Friday we are having a fashion show/showcase featuring stores on Milwaukee Ave. Our dear friend Nellie, one of the other authors, will be attending and helping out. We did this event last year and it was a lot of fun. There will be two fashion shows. One will feature vintage fashions and the other contemporary fashions. My good friend Karl Meier along with Jon Balzekas will be DJing and there will be free refreshments from Peroni beer and food from ZK Foods.
Style Speedway
Feel free to come, bring friends and be ready for a good time! Believe me I know how to throw a party. And I promise, more blogs to follow!

Best (comedy) week ever!

The DC Comedy Fest is in town checking out Chicago’s talent which gives us two great FREE shows.

Tuesday, go see the free show over at the Beat Kitchen (2100 W. Belmont) as The Chicago Underground Comedy folks present Chicago’s best stand-ups. The action starts at 9:30, but get there earlier to make sure you have a seat to check out: Nick Vatterott, Adam Burke, Brendan McGowan, Dan Telfer, Carrie Callahan, Brady Novak, Fay Canale, Steve O. Harvey, and Chad Briggs.

Wednesday, The Playground Theater (3209 N. Halsted) is hosting the sketch portion of the DC Comedy Fest auditions. This one is also FREE (what a beautiful word) and starts at 7pm. The amazing acts performing will be: The Puterbaugh Sisters, Seeder & Lee, Turbo, Hey You Millionaires, Ken Barnard, and Money Kids.

Thursday, local stand-up favorite Prescott Tolk will perform at The Lakeshore Theater (3175 N. Broadway) at 8pm. Tickets are $10, but if you missed him on Comedy Central then fork over the dough. He’ll be recording his live comedy album I Can Complain. Your laughs could be famous.

Friday (and Thursday too), Chicago’s best stand-up prankster Ken Barnard will be doing his “three-in-one man” show titled Get Into It. This will take place at The Lincoln Lodge (4009 N. Lincoln) at 9pm. As someone who is constantly entertained by Ken’s shenanigans (such as protesting the filling of the Montrose hole), I will gladly pay the $10 to see what he’ll do next.

Finally, on Saturday, sketch group Schadenfreude will be hosting one of their famous rent parties. These are always a blast of the best sketch, stand-up, music, and what ever else happens on the stage. This will be at Silvie’s Lounge (1902 W. Irving Park Rd) and feature Annoyance comedy goddess Susan Messing and music from Lola Balatro. Fun starts at 9pm and is another measly $10 for hours of raucous goodness.

Ellen is coming to Chicago!!!

Holy crap! Ellen is coming to Chicago in like, three weeks!!! I love Ellen! She’s on my “people I want to meet” list! I’ve made three attempts to go to l.a. to see Ellen, but plans always fell through. And now……SHE’S COMING TO CHICAGO!!!!

kickity kick ball!

It’s kickball season, kids!!!

One of the things at the top of my “things-to-do-as-soon-as-I-move-to-Chicago” list has always been “organize a kickball team”. And guess who’s organizing a kickball team, as we speak?!


It’s going to be so much fun! All official and stuff with t-shirts and everything! Games start in a few weeks and HEY, we still need members! Interested? Let me know! (We’re playing on the N. side, btw) 

The Best Free Stand-up Comedy Show in April

Jared Logan is a Chicago stand-up comedian who has been rocking the Chicago stand-up scene since 2003. Like all great Chicago stand-up comedians, though, he is moving to New York City at the end of this month. Before he runs off, he is hitting as many stand-up venues as he can. Tomorrow, he is doing a 45 minute set at the Chicago Underground Comedy at 9:30, and best of all it’s FREE. Hosting will be Carrie Callahan, and opening will be Adam Burke, and Chad Briggs. If you can’t make it tomorrow then check him out now in this video about Dungeons and Dragons.

I’m with the DJ

And she’s awesome.

This week is the Winter Music Conference in Miami and all my friends are there warm and happy, while I am here, in the shoe store, cold in Chicago, with a cold…..

I figure if I gotta be here, I might as well promote my friends via blogging. Let’s start with the ladies….. Kate Simko. Kate produces a night at Sonoteque called Wake Up! (She used to do this with Sassmouth, who is sadly moving to London)April’s will be on the 16th and I highly recommend it. Derek Plaslaiko, who is not only a great DJ, but also a super funny and nice guy will be a guest. I will also be there if that is any incentive for you to go……
We also have Sam One or SR-71. Or just Sam which is what I call her. You should check her out, she’s awsome, knows how to jack, and she LOVES the turntables!! It’s pretty fukin awesome.
And last but not least we have G. Her upcoming event, Sprung will be awesome!
Alright I’m getting sleepy seeing as I am SICK. On another note all together, if this weather doesn’t get better, I’m moving to LA. Srsly.

If I had more (read: any) money, I’d go to shows…..

But I don’t.

So I can’t.

And my inbox is constantly filling up with news of upcoming shows and gigs, and right now I can barely afford to get on the bus (moving will do that to you)!

So, I figured I’d share some of them. At least somebody will get to go….

Eddie Izzard!! – Eddie is playing the Chicago Theatre  on May 15th – 17th.

Spoon  is coming to the Vic on April 4th

 Rilo Kiley is coming to the Riviera on May 24th

Jim Gaffigan is playing the Genesee Theatre on August 22nd. Yeah, I realize that’s not “technically” in Chicago. And yeah, I realize that one is pretty far out – I got excited!

And last, but not least, THE KIDS IN THE HALL!!!!! This one I may actually try to go to, but I figured it was worth mentioning (again). They’re going to be at the Chicago Theatre on May 29th!!!

There you have it, folks. Five random gigs, plucked from my inbox, just for you. If anyone plans on going to any of these shows and you happen to have an extra ticket, lemme know…

It’s Time to Laugh Chicago…..

My favorite comedy troop ever, and I do mean EVER is coming to Chicago. Lets all get excited to seeThe Kids in the Hall. They are so funny and cute and I love Bruce!! They are playing at the Chicago Theatre. So you can purchase tickets at their box office or at Ticket Master. And if you have an extra ticket…give me a call……

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