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Taking a Ride on the Sleepy Train

Sleepy Train

Red Line, Saturday night, just after Midnight.

What Happens on the Clark Street, Stays on the Facebook


From the Lakewood Manor Players.

(Via Schadenfreude)

President Barack Obama (the Unrated Version)

Blogger April Winchell came to a brilliant realization that in Obama’s book Dreams For My Father there is a character with a colorful vocabulary named Ray. Obama read for the audio book, ergo there are MP3’s of Obama cursing. She posted some jewels on her blog. Please to enjoy.

Free stuff for voting

You voted! Good for you! Truthfully, democracy should be its own reward, but we all love freebies. So here’s a list of free stuff you can get for voting. Happy Election Day!

(photo by kalandrakas)


American Girl

American Girl Place recently moved from Chicago Ave over to Water Tower Place. In the old location there’s a window display where the American Girl dolls are all wearing pink construction helmets and packing up for the move. The dolls, who are miniature versions of children, themselves have tiny American Girl dolls in boxes. Do those dolls have micro-dolls? Do the micro-dolls have their own nano-dolls? Where does it end?!?

Ballin’ at McDonalds

“Just to verify, I am in the suburbs, I live this shit. The yellow fire hydrant, the green grass, and the Remax Suburban. Yeah, baby, that’s suburbs right there.” Mr. ChiCity lives large with the McDonald’s Dollar Menu:


I’m an Obama, she’s an Obama, wouldn’t you like to be an Obama too?

In Brazil, political candidates can put any name they want on the ballot as long as it is not offensive. That explains why Obamas were running for various Brazilian offices. According to an Associated Press article titled “No Luck for Obamas in Brazil Elections” there were eight politicians who listed their names as Obama on the ballot, and all of them lost. Other famous (or infamous) names used for political gain on the ballot: Bin Laden, and French soccer player Zinedine Zidane (the headbutt guy from the 2006 World Cup). No one was listed as “John McCain”. I would have been more likely to vote for John McClain.

(photo from Here in Van Nuys)


ATM working
I think there’s really just a person inside making beeping noises and handing out $20s.



New York has to have fancy international artists come to town to make odd industrial waterfalls. We get them for free with our demolitions.

Picasso for Sale

Picasso on Ebay
Local pickup only
, indeed.

You are bidding on a magnificent piece of public art. I am selling it in hopes that it will go to a deserving owner. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just taking up too much space and I am tired of getting comments from people who say it looks like a baboon or an aardvark or Larry King.

This is a statue by the artist Picasso, and is 41 years old. It comes with a certificate of authenticity, which I wrote myself.

Statue is in excellent condition despite its age. Has some minor wear and tear due to frequently being climbed on and constant use in photos by tourists. This use has only added to the item’s value and has been appreciated by many for years and would make a lovely addition to any home, garden or museum. I will not sell it to you if you tell me you are just going to sell it for scrap. You must show me a picture of where you will be keeping it, or I will not accept your bid.

Item may be viewed prior to purchase, no appointment necessary. Item must be picked up – WILL NOT SHIP! It is fifty feet high and weighs 162 tons. So you will probably need to rent a truck, and bring a few friends with you.

Due to the precious nature of this item, I cannot accept a check, money order or cashier’s check. I do accept PayPal.

(via Time Out Chicago)

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