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If You Just Haven’t Tortured Yourself Enough This Week


You know, Chicago really is a very romantic city. If you wanted to ask someone to marry you, you could do it along the lake or looking out over the city from one of our skyscrapers or at a fine restaurant. You could even set up a fake art exhibit. Or… you could stay inside and do it inside a video game:

Halo Proposal

Congratulations, “Moviesign” and “Furtive Penguin”. I can’t really snark on you too much, since I asked my wife to marry me with a clever arrangement of Parcheesi pieces.

(via Xboxer)

Midwest Teen What? Show

Midwest Teen Sex Show

Sex. Midwest Teen Sex Show. But it’s comedy, not porn. The MTSS is a video podcast (you can also watch episodes on their site in Flash video) addressing issues in teen sexuality from a Midwestern mother’s humorous perspective. They’ve already covered issues like masturbation, abstinence, older boyfriends, and the “first time”.

(Why post this on the Chicago Metblog? If the teddy bear in episode 3 can be believed, the show comes out of Woodstock, IL, which totally makes it regional. Boom.)

(via BoingBoing)

Single in Chicago.

I’m not single in Chicago, but apparently, there may be a reason for that. This map from National Geographic shows locations around the U.S. where single men outnumber single women and vice versa. Apparently, Chicago has 40,000 more single women than men. Good news for single men, not so good for single women, I guess.

While You Were Sleeping

From Sunday’s Chicago Tribune

On an average night….

1,111,174 people in the Chicago area have sex (note the even number).

Hope you are gettin’ yours!

You: Reading a blog post, Me: writing it

We all know that the only problem with Craiglist’s Missed Connections is a lack of green icons. Enter Kizmeet to solve that problem. 50% more attractive site, the same deluded impression of mutual attraction.

Respect the Digits


Fellows, listen to an old married man — when you get those lovely little numbers, never discard them casually on the street. It’s just bad dating karma — if it works out, you don’t want anyone else calling her. And if it doesn’t, spare a brother the hassle.

(Unless, Nina, this was your ruse to find a man desperate enough to call some random stranger. C’mon girl, have a little self-respect.)

Engagement broken off…by text message

“CHICAGO — Taking a break from her job at a Michigan Avenue cafe, Jennifer Brun slides her cell phone across the table, offering a glimpse of her life-shattering moment.

On the screen is a text message from her former fiance.
“I’ve lost so much hope, and so much optimism, and so much brightness,” the message reads. “I need time to rebuild that. Time alone. To myself. I need to live by myself for a while.”

That is how Brun’s boyfriend of two years, with whom she’d been living for 11 months and planned to marry, broke up with her.”

Damn, that’s raw.

You say she’s just a friend…

Dating is difficult at the best of times. There’s so much redundant and silly advice out there, not to mention the leap of faith that one takes when going out with someone new.

But straight ladies, you, at least, have hope of finding out bad news before you get involved with a fella. Witness Don’t Date Him Girl, a database of cheating guy profiles. You can plug a name in and search it that way, or just pull up a list of all the local cheaters in your town. Why, Chicago has about 200 cheaters through which to browse! (I totally looked at ’em all, in case I knew someone, but I didn’t, darn it.) Internet stalking just got a little bit more interesting. (Don’t take every post there as gospel truth, though, because at least one alleged cheater has filed suit against the site for defamation.)

Marriage Licenses

Fuzzy with marriage license

If you want to get married in Illinois there’s none of this quickie Las Vegas style stuff — you have to plan at least a calendar day in advance. (But not too far in advance, the marriage license expires after 60 days if not used.) Both of you will need to show up at a County Clerk’s office with ID and $30 cash. The downtown office of the Cook County Building (118 N Clark) is open 9 am to noon on Saturdays just for marriage license applicants. And I have to say it was the most cheerful time I’ve ever spent in a government office.

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