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Locals vs Tourists

Locals vs Tourists

Eric Fischer’s Geotagger’s World Atlas” series showed where photographic hotspots in various world cities were, using Flickr geotags. His Local and Tourists visualizations attempt to breakdown the photos into tourists and locals — blue is locals (people who have taken photos in the same city for more than a month), red is tourists, and yellow is indeterminate. People are using Flickr notes to explain popular photos ops.

GTWA was ordered by number of geotagged photos taken, and Chicago was on that list. The Locals and Tourists maps are ordered by number of photos and Chicago shoots to there.

(via BoingBoing)

Taking a Ride on the Sleepy Train

Sleepy Train

Red Line, Saturday night, just after Midnight.

Samuel Spade – Private Detective

Sam Spade Office Window

Most people believe, just because the novels and movies tell them so, that Sam Spade (and his late partner Miles Archer) lived and worked in San Francisco. But here’s photographic proof that their offices were in Chicago, on Wells Street in Old Town.


ATM working
I think there’s really just a person inside making beeping noises and handing out $20s.

Lincoln Park Zoo has invisible animals!!!

I went to the Lincoln Park Zoo last week. You can see some photos of the trip in my set here. But what I’m most interested in is this sign right here:

Holy crap!  The animals can turn invisible!?!?!!

The animals can turn invisible!!! I think I’ll start my own zoo and have a bunch of empty cages with this sign on each one.

Elmont Laundry

Elmont Laundry

Why do I have the feeling that that smokestack used to be just a bit taller?

Dual Purpose

Donna's Aquatic Pet Shop AND Lee's Seafood

I suppose if you think about it, there’s no particular reason that one store couldn’t supply both needs. Fish are, after all, one of the few animals that are commonly* both kept as pets and eaten. But it still freaked Erica out. "It’s the same phone number!" she kept shouting.

* I said “commonly”. I don’t need to hear stories of cows as pets and iguanas as food.

Too right little birdy!

over winter

A display in the window of the store Foursided.

Chicago HDR Photography

I love HDR photography… something about the surreal super-saturated colors just makes me happy. And I love Chicago. So without further ado…

Chicago HDRs
Flickr Chicago HDR images


Election photos

Chicago photos are starting to roll into the Polling Place Photo Project. As well, Chicago Public Radio is encouraging you to add your election photos to their Flickr group with the tag “election08” — they’ll be creating a slide show of submissions.

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