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Ellen is coming to Chicago!!!

Holy crap! Ellen is coming to Chicago in like, three weeks!!! I love Ellen! She’s on my “people I want to meet” list! I’ve made three attempts to go to l.a. to see Ellen, but plans always fell through. And now……SHE’S COMING TO CHICAGO!!!!

Rock of Love 2

Adam, Fuzzy, and Rock of Love's Ambre Lake

Who’s that hamming it with with Rock of Love 2‘s Ambre Lake (and her best friend Adam, from the Exes Episode)? Why, it’s me! Am I shy about exploiting my friend’s new-found fame? I guess not! For the spoiler-shy, I’ll hide the rest after the jump… (more…)

Top Chef Chicago: Culling the Herd

It was another good night on Top Chef Chicago. Unfortunately, the Chicago “celebrity” was “famed Chicago film critic” (what??) Richard Roeper. Man, that just made me sad… but moving on to the show. The movie theme was pretty cool, and I think the judges got it right…


Top Chef Chicago: Bye Bye, Good Riddance. (SPOILERS)

I can’t tell you how happy I was to see Erik leave… Considering Frontera and Topolobampo are two of my favorite restaurants in Chicago and that I love Rick Bayless, Erik’s attitude had me hating him from the top of the show. Good editing, Bravo.

Mexican can’t be fine dining? B.S. Topolobampo is a perfect example of how Mexican can be new, exciting, fine dining, all while retaining a sense of tradition and without pretense. Erik just showed no class and I was glad to see him go.

Besides, if you cook corndogs in your restaurant all the time, then you should have known they wouldn’t have traveled well–loser.

Yuck It Up

Bundle up and head out to The Lincoln Lodge at 9 p.m. tonight for chuckles and beer–what more could you ask for on a Wednesday evening? That’s right, nothing. So, don’t miss out on ten of Chicago’s top comedians dishing out their best material for a special Comcast On-demand taping.

The evening is hosted by the lovely Allison Leber and features Ryan Budds, Julianna Forlano, Nick Vatterott, Dave Odd, Fay Canale, Dustin White, Elizabeth McQuern, and James Lee. Did I mention that tickets are only five dollars (or a mere $3 if purchased online)?

Rock of Love

Ambre Lake on Rock of Love 2

It’s one of those things that I didn’t realize notice until it’s not there — most reality shows trumpet their contestants’ hometowns and occupations — on VH1’s Rock of Love 2 everyone is just a first name. But I happen to know that Ambre Lake is from Chicago, because I happen to know her. She’s a professional fitness model and even played along with a straight face in a comedy fitness video for some friends of mine. (SPOILERS!) Ambre dodged a bullet on last night’s premiere episode — squeaking in when Jackye’s anxiety problems made her take herself out of the competition. Go Chicago!

Don’t panic

My favorite media moment during the major storms of the last two weeks.TURN AROUND, DON'T DROWN

ANTM: Jaslene

Dang it, I didn’t write it down anywhere, but trust me, weeks ago I totally guessed “therapy” as the reason for the change in ANTM‘s Jaslene, as she revealed in her finalist heart-to-heart with Tyra tonight. In any case, it seems to have served her well, as Chicago’s own Online College Admissions Advisor is now, literally, America’s Next Top Model. Well, America’s Next Model Who Will Be Relentlessly Promoted By Tyra Banks Unless She Poses For Playboy Or Something. (Seriously, have you noticed that on the show they act like Adrianne Curry never exisited?)

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