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CTA President Huberman Willing To Roll Up Sleeves, Toss Jerks Off Train

I’m still new enough to city life that the novelty of public transportation hasn’t worn off yet. Granted, being an independent writer, I don’t have to pack myself like a Lake Michigan sardine into the rolling tin cans of the CTA at rush hour ten times a week to get to an office, which I’m sure sucks the romance right out of the experience.

City trains and buses are great fun for me. I’m from a painfully quiet small town in Indiana where there is very little public interchange among citizens, who mostly drive from home to work to Applebee’s and then home again in giant, socially-isolating SUVs. To me, the CTA is a rolling theater of drama and comedy, and always good for people-watching.

That’s why I was especially charmed by the CTA Tattler’s report that CTA President (and former police officer) Ron Huberman recently masqueraded as an anonymous public transportation hero, and, at 7:30 in the morning, convinced a disrespectful rider to back off the train.

From the Tattler:

“Apparently, a misbehaving guy was making inappropriate comments to a woman about how she needed to wear more clothes, was going to get raped, etc. . . . No one did anything and then out of nowhere Huberman stands up and gives the guy a glare and says, “You’re going to get off the train.”

The guy talked back and Huberman kept repeating. The guy ended up getting out at Addison and Huberman followed him out.

Wow! That’s dedication. If I were still the wide-eyed Hoosier girl I was back in ’05, a tidbit like this make me wonder if there are Food Protection agents from the Chicago Department of Public Health on hand to snatch day-old hotdogs from my lips when I duck into the 7-Eleven on Halsted for a post-comedy show nosh.

That, uh…that doesn’t happen, right?

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