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The internet is filled with pranks today

Google did it’s usual pranks for April Fool’s Day. It created gmail backdating, and rickrolled everyone who clicked on videos on the opening page of youtube.

Not to outdone, Chicago had a couple of pranks.

I’m sure you have already seen Time Out Chicago pretending to be bought out by Donald Trump. If not check out the Letter from the Publisher, read the comments and have a good larf (though don’t laugh too hard since Crain’s believed the story at first). TOC also blogged about a new comedy club called Jokeaholics Anonymous set in the Thompson Center and charging $40 a ticket with a three drink minimum. This joke was taken seriously by Stagetime which (unlike Crain’s) has yet to publicly admit that it was a joke.

All of this information appeared originally on the Chicago comedy blog The Bastion on March 27th. Today, the Bastion got into the spirit of April Fool’s day with this post.

Now I have to make sure my roommate did not put any plastic wrap on the toilet.

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